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Shuffle Tracking in Blackjack

How does the Shuffle Tracking in Blackjack work? While there are quite a few strategies that can be applied in Blackjack to enhance your game, every method is based on some theory. This strategy is premised on the assumption that it is possible to predict the location of the cards in a dealer’s shoe. There […]


Why Are Pokies Called Pokies And Not Slots?

A Pokie This term refers to a slot machine in Australia and New Zealand. Some suggestions claim that this name may have originated from ‘pok’, the poker machine and finally evolving to the name pokie, that is more of a slang word. Most pokies in Australia currently use video screens just as other gaming machines […]


Gambling Odds – Which Games Give You The Best Chance Of Success?

Blackjack This one comes as no surprise here, the ever so popular casino hit, Blackjack or 21 is the game with the highest winning odds. First of all, it is played between a player and the dealer, thereby reducing competition to the minimum. Secondly, it is easy to grasp, card game where the objective is […]


Blackjack: Origins, Rules and Basic Strategy

The characters and the story were based in Seville, Spain. Therefore, this classic game is believed to be originated in Spain back in the 16th century. Later more references to the game were found in other parts of Spain, Catalonia, and France. History of Blackjack According to legends, Blackjack has been practised since the 16th […]


French Roulette – Explained

Basics of the French Roulette Game Speaking of the Roulette wheel used in the game of French Roulette is of standard European wheel. This has 37 parts with numbers 1 to 36 marked in red and black colours alternatively and a single 0 that comes in green background. The French Roulette table layout is different […]


How the Casino Industry Takes Inspiration From TV and Film?

The most common kind of games in the casino industry that is inspired by the TV and movies are the online slots. The game developers have to sign a licence agreement with the TV or the film producers and then they can develop the game they need. Some of the most popular slot games are […]


What are Random Number Generators?

Random Number Generators have a wide range of applications in online gambling events like Blackjack as well as in Roulette. In the case of blackjack, Random number generators automatically create 52 different types of numbers, and in the game of Roulette also RNGs complex algorithm provides the result instead of producing the outcome by chance. […]


Blaise Pascal: Father of the Roulette Wheel

Apart from the invention of Roulette, he is also well known for Pascal’s triangle, Pascal’s law and many more contributions to mathematical physics. He was also a philosopher, and thus there are many of his ideological and literary works. However, you might wonder how such a talented and famous person ended up inventing the iconic […]


Why Choose Mobile Casino Games?

Mobile Casino Games Provide ‘Just in Time’ Enjoyment Most of the people do not get time to go out and visit a land-based casino to play casino games. Some others do not even have time (or they are just lazy) to start their Computers or Laptops to play their favourite online casino games.For these individuals, […]


Introduction to Live Online Casino Dealers

The idea of playing the online casino games just like in the land-based by having a live dealer and other players around will certainly make the players not miss the classic land-based casinos. Not to mention, the frequent developments in improving the technology of live games such as faster computing, bandwidth increase, excellent picture and […]


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