Blaise Pascal: Father of the Roulette Wheel

Roulette is considered as the queen of all the casino games and there many valid reasons why a majority of casino lovers love it. The main person behind all the fame and cheers of Roulette Wheel is the person who invented it, Blaise Pascal. You might have already heard about him in your high school mathematics class. He was a famous mathematician as well as an excellent philosopher in his era. His works are greatly praised and used in several fields, even today.

blaise pascal father of the roulette wheel

Apart from the invention of Roulette, he is also well known for Pascal’s triangle, Pascal’s law and many more contributions to mathematical physics. He was also a philosopher, and thus there are many of his ideological and literary works. However, you might wonder how such a talented and famous person ended up inventing the iconic gambling machine. In 1655, while researching with the concept of perpetual motion, he came up with the idea of Roulette Wheel. Today, the same old iconic wheel is still used in several casino bars. He was not intended to make it a gambling tool but as the fans of Roulette pay a heartfelt thanks to him.

Some Interesting Facts About the Iconic Roulette Wheel by Blaise Pascal

  • There are some interesting facts about Roulette Wheel that are as interesting as its inventor and its discovery. Although, it has been advanced and modified with time with technology to make it more convenient for the casino lovers still there are few things that most people are still unaware of.  
  • The numbers on the Roulette Wheel always sum up by 666, and it never changes by any variant. You can check by yourselves, next time you go to a casino. It is considered as the number of the beast, and thus this game is also known as The Devil’s Game.
  • The winning is not as bad as you think, all you have to do is strategise your game with numbers. Since you know that there are only 36 possible outcomes and two of them won’t be in the parameter if you choose even bets. Thus, according to most professionals, the even bets will give much probability of wins because it calculates your winning bet in such situations with 0 and 00.
  • There are two versions Roulette Wheel after the years of its discovery many gamblers wanted to make it a little bit more straightforward to increase the winning odds. They added a ‘0’ in it as there was no zero in the classic wheel invented by Blaise Pascal. Later, people added another green block as ‘00’ in it, to make it way more convenient and easy for every kind of player.

Future of the Iconic Wheel by Blaise Pascal

Pascal’s invention added a lot of fun to people’s lives, and today it is even more fun to play advanced versions of Roulette Wheel. With technological advancements, this game has taken over the internet, and it is loved by Roulette lovers a lot. Because of various reasons like the online Roulette version is very convenient to play. If you want to enjoy the essence of Pascal’s invention, the ticking wheel and stumbling ball then in spite of getting dresses, you can have it at your home, even in your PJs.

Another good thing about these online games is that you don’t have to worry about losing your money and big bets because here you play with zero money bets or you can also bet with the credits pints that you will earn by playing the game. You can visit NZ online casino sites like BlackSpins to experience the Roulette wheel games with many amazing features.