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Welcome to our casino payment methods section. Here you'll find information about some of the payment options that you can use to make a deposit and withdrawal here at Black Spins. The list below includes a collection of trusted debit card, credit card and E wallet companies, all of which allow for safe and secure online transactions. Read on as we now profile each service while providing our thoughts on the pros and cons of each.


VISA is perhaps the most well-known casino payment option of all. In fact, its been the go-to option for web-based customers and online casino players for many years. Widely accepted by the vast majority of casino sites, VISA is highly trusted, making it very easy to make deposits and withdrawals with very little hassle.

Established in the 1950s, the company was set up to simplify the entire bank transfer process and was originally known as BankAmeriCard (BOFA). Following major industry upheaval in the 1970s, it was merged with other popular payment methods around the world to become VISA.

During the early years of online gambling in countries like the US, banking methods such as VISA were actually permitted by authorities. That was until the passing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006. This prohibited online casino sites based in America from using VISA as a withdrawal or deposit method. Happily, though this hugely popular casino banking option is still permitted in most countries around the world. And for some casinos, prepaid cards are also an option.

How to Use VISA at an Online Casino

VISA isn't a very complicated online casino payment system. Players with debit cards will obviously need an account. Then it's merely a case of registering your VISA card details. When you're ready to make a casino deposit, enter the amount you'd like to spend, browse through the payment options list and select it. Within a few minutes your deposit amount should become available for use.

Advantages of using VISA Cards

  • Among the most trusted casino site deposit options
  • Simple payment process
  • Majority of casinos include mobile payment options
  • Making a casino deposit is easy (once your details have been registered)
  • Widely-accepted by the vast majority of online casinos
  • Easy to make bank transfers to your online casino account
  • Quality customer support
  • One of the most secure online casino deposit methods

Disadvantages of using VISA Cards

  • Online casinos will be able to view information about your personal bank account once registered
  • Unlike e wallet services, you'll have to register your credit card details
  • Deposits and withdrawals not always instant with certain casinos
  • Some casinos apply fees to withdrawals


Mastercard is another trusted payment method that's available across plenty of casinos. Depositing is very, very easy - perhaps too easy because in 2019, its use was banned in the United Kingdom along with all other credit cards. Nonetheless, Mastercard is still widely-available in most casinos located outside the UK. As is the case with casino payment methods like VISA, this option is preferred by many players.

The company was launched in the late 1960s and was originally known as 'Master Charge'. It was set up with the express purpose of competing with the likes of VISA and Diners Club. The rest as they say is history. Mastercard has become one of the most popular online payment methods for gamblers, not to mention shoppers.

Apart from the Gambling Commission setback, where the use of credit cards at web-based casinos was banned, the MasterCard payment option can still be used to make a deposit with loads of casinos that accept players. At the time of writing, there exist debit, credit and prepaid options although their availability will depend on each casino that you visit.

How to Use MasterCard at an Online Casino

Just like debit cards, all you've got to do to use is create an online casino account. Then, when you're ready to make a deposit, you'll need to input the card’s details. Once this is done, you can choose the amount of money you'd like to deposit. Then select the Mastercard credit card option and enjoy playing at your favourite casinos.

Advantages of using MasterCard

  • Highly trusted and secure credit card option
  • Easy to transfer money to a casino
  • Making a deposit is straightforward once details registered
  • Fast card payments (usually little or no delays)

Disadvantages of using MasterCard

  • Casino deposits not allowed in certain countries like the UK
  • Withdrawing winnings, including those from free spins is not always permitted
  • Spending can get out of hand


PayPal was one of the very first web wallets, beginning its operations in 1998. The company was known as Confinity and was founded by Max Levchin and Peter Thiel. Their goal was to create an easy-to-use, cheap digital payment method that allowed consumers to make bank transfer requests at little extra cost.

Within a few months, many online merchants and consumers had bought into the platform in a big way. By early 2000, it had built a customer base of one million people. Then in 2002, PayPal (as it eventually became known) was sold to eBay in a blockbuster $1.5 billion deal - to this day, the celebrated e wallet remains the preferred payment method for the giant auction site.

Numerous acquisitions and partnerships have since followed, helping PayPal to firmly establish itself as the most popular of all e wallets. As testament to its appeal, a slew of online casinos allow players to make deposits to their casino account using this outstanding payment service.

How to Use PayPal at an Online Casino

e Wallets are preferred by many gamblers who play at online casinos because making deposits and withdrawals is so straightforward. And Pay Pal is no exception. Assuming you've set up an account with this popular casino payment method, head over to the casinos cashier suite and choose PayPal. Your money will then be transferred to your player account and you'll be able to play your favourite casino games almost immediately.

Advantages of using PayPal

  • Arguably the best of all e wallets
  • Transparent Online Banking - deposits and withdrawals are easy to track
  • Fast bank transfer speeds
  • No need to provide bank account information
  • Secure online casino payment platform

Disadvantages of using PayPal

  • Online casino payment transaction fees sometimes applied
  • Casino withdrawal limits usually applied


This is one of the leading prepaid payment methods and is offered by a wide range of online casinos. Established in 2000, the Paysafe platform was built using IMB software - a major factor in the company's early growth. The service attracted major funding from the EU which was soon followed by major expansion into the Greek, Spanish and Slovenian markets. PaySafe eventually received a license to issue real money across the entire European Union.

Soon after entering the online casino sector, it was purchased by Skrill - an outfit that specialises specifically in online casino payment methods. However, Skrill was itself snapped up by Optimal Payments Group which was then renamed Paysafe. Despite a rather eventful history, PaySafe is now one of the most well-established payment options and is available at more than 600,000 outlets internationally. The ease and relative anonymity of use also makes it one of the favoured deposit methods for many casino gamers.

How to Use PaySafeCard at an Online Casino

The process of depositing money with PaySafeCard is quite different to some of the other online casino payment options mentioned here. As a prepaid option, you'll need to buy vouchers at a recognised retail outlet - these vouchers feature a 16-digit code that represents your chosen amount of money. It's then a case of accessing your casino account, navigating to the payment methods section and then entering the digits. The money will then be immediately available, so you'll be able to play whatever casino games you choose. Like casino payment options such as Skrill or PayPal, there's absolutely no requirement to submit your personal or bank account details to any casinos.

Advantages of PaySafeCard

  • Instant Casino Deposit Method
  • No need to provide personal/banking account details
  • Vouchers can only be purchased in small increments, making it difficult to build up gambler debts
  • No transaction fees applied to online casino payments

Disadvantages of PaySafeCard

  • Bit of a pain buying credit
  • Not the most widely accepted casino payment method

Whether you’re a slots or green-felt casino player, the above online banking options should be more than adequate for your iGaming needs. While pay by phone isn't yet available, all of the casino payment methods available here at Black Spins Casino are trusted and highly secure.

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