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Pokies Strategy – Briefly Explained

The modern-day pokies strategy includes being mindful, balancing the skill and luck and not letting financial & emotional issues carry you away. At present, these machines are available in casinos all around the world. The payouts associated with the wins are quite exciting for the players especially to those that are new to the casino […]


History of Gambling in New Zealand

The British Commission played a big role in the growth of the gambling industry in New Zealand. Besides playing a role in making it legal, the European settlers were responsible to introduce the native people with different casinos and gambling games. Gambling in New Zealand – The Lifestyle The colonies were set up by Europeans […]


The Ultimate Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack Strategy #1 – Double Down On Hard 11 Always There is a greater likelihood that you will earn higher payouts when you Double Down on Hard 11. This should be against the upward facing card of the dealer. Doubling Down on Hard 11 beats hitting in every Blackjack game. The exception to this rule […]


Big Number Trick at Roulette

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games that continue to exist in several variants at online casinos. Many experts believe that this game is best played by adopting a number of strategies though it may require a lot of practice, experience and discipline. What is the Big Number Trick? The big number trick in […]


American Roulette vs. European Roulette – Which Is Best?

As back as the 19th century, European Roulette came with 38 pockets with 1 to 36 numbers and two pockets of single and double zeros. Yes! You read that right! Even European Roulette had double zeros. The spin-off of the European Roulette was American Roulette that came with just 31 pockets that had 1 to […]


Why Play Online Pokies?

Now the question is why should you play online pokies? Does it come with additional benefits? Pokies is not only easy to play but the payout it provides is relatively much higher than what you would usually get in the brick and mortar casino. Additionally, there are no restrictions. Unlike the land-based casinos, you don’t […]


The D’Alembert Roulette System

How the D’Alembert Roulette System originated? With the popularity of Roulette across Europe, a mathematician, Jean Le Rond D’Alembert took to finding out ways to win in his local gambling hideout. With intense research, he came up with a winning strategy where the even-chance bets could be used in chance-based games. His strategy was simple […]


Introduction to Live Casino Dealers

Professional Live Casino Dealers At top live casinos, you’ll find the game tables assisted by real human croupiers to assist you through your gameplay. Whichever live casino game you choose, professional dealers are staffed to ensure that you have a thrilling time playing. In case you are playing against the dealer alone, you’ll enjoy the […]


The History of Blackjack and Card Counting

The main goal for having these games which involved cards which had value was moving close to certain worth without getting ruined. This game 21 quickly spread in Europe as it among the few games which required playing skills and not winning through luck. Players in this game decided whether to stand or hit and […]


The Classic Roulette Bets

Call bets are the ones wherein the player does not wage any money but calls for a bet anyway just to cover the bet’s cost. This type of bet is also known as ‘gambling on credit’. Another classic roulette bets- announced bet- is when a player calls for a bet and also pays for it […]


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The online casino industry is a highly-volatile sector no matter what area you live in. Company takeovers, regulatory changes and of course the Coronavirus pandemic have all played their part in what amounts to a pretty eventful 18 months or so. It seems that there’s always something going on.

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This constant drive for innovation means that gamers have never had it so good. However, it can be pretty hard to keep up with all the advancements. Therefore, in accordance with some of the best online casino news outlets, our people at Black Spins are constantly monitoring the airways for fresh news of game launches as well as the introduction of cutting-edge technologies.

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