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7 Tips to Get More Comps at The Casino

If you have done basic research on casinos or frequently talked with a casino regular, then, you probably have heard about comps. It is the free stuff that casinos give to their loyal customers. However, not every customer gets comps. With some background research, you can become a comps bandit getting a decent amount of […]


Blackjack Probability and Statistics: A Complete Guide

Probability is measuring the possibility of occurring a particular event. Probabilities are usually expressed as a percentage. However, fractions and odds can also denote it.  Blackjack is a purely mathematical game and is all about probability and odds. Blackjack Hall of Famer Edward Thorp was among the earlier players who realised this phenomenon in the […]


Data Science: Is It An Effective Method for Flawless Winning?

Well, Data science is a concept for flawless winning in casino games like Blackjack which includes the use of mathematical calculations, algorithms, computer simulations, data analysis, statistics and machine learning (A.I) in order to process raw data and run simulations in order to get to know the most desirable outcome by processing it into the […]


Greatest Roulette Strategy the World Has Ever Thought of

There are several really working Roulette strategies that have profound impacts on the end results of the game. Strategies are nothing but some special techniques or tricks that can help you to increase the chance of winning bets. You just need to apply those tricks at the right time in order to get maximum benefits. […]


Odds Related to Hitting Pokie Machines with A Jackpot

Want to increase the chances of winning the pokies jackpot? Well, to do so, most of the people are interested in understanding the odds related to heating the pokie machine with a jackpot. However, the truth is that not a single person is aware of the actual odds of hitting the pokie machine with jackpot. […]


All You Need to Know About Dealer Tells in Blackjack

Casino games are great if you are playing for fun. You bet a small amount which you have no problem losing and if you actually win it is a great opportunity to celebrate. But it becomes more serious if you are playing for the money. And especially when it comes to card games like Blackjack, […]


Using psychology to your advantage when playing Poker

When we collectively look at all the popular casino games, the one that is different in multiple aspects is Poker. A card game that is popular all over the world, this is one game where people with a bit of interest in the game and the required aptitude can actually win, even against the house […]


An Easy Explanation of Squeeze Feature in Baccarat

If you have reached here to find out more about the squeeze feature in Baccarat, no worries buddy, you are at the right place where you can satisfy your queries. If you love to play fun games at casinos, Baccarat can be a good option for you. You must give it a try to get […]


Bitcoin Live Casino: Things to concentrate on

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies have been gaining popularity since the beginning of 2010. The world has seen it’s first Bitcoin Billionaire in the process. While online casinos have also started accepting Bitcoin for placing bets for some time, it was once a solitary experience. But, new Bitcoins have been mined day in day out widening […]


Features of Pokie Games That Players Love The Most

The word pokie may seem weird, but it basically means slot machines. Australians and Kiwis tend to refer slot machine games as pokies since poker was the only game available at casinos initially in Australia. These games are not only just interesting but also visually appealing. Do you know how much effort goes into designing […]


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