Gambling Odds – Which Games Give You The Best Chance Of Success?

Odds generally refer to the probability of winning a particular game. The higher the odds, the higher are the chances to win. This is exactly the same in casino gaming where the gambling odds decide the winning probability of popular games. Out of the hundreds of casino games and other gambling activities, only a few have got huge winning odds. Here, if you get lucky, you get rich; but if you get wise, you get richer. Listed down are the top 3 games with the highest gambling odds.

gambling odds and chances of success


This one comes as no surprise here, the ever so popular casino hit, Blackjack or 21 is the game with the highest winning odds. First of all, it is played between a player and the dealer, thereby reducing competition to the minimum. Secondly, it is easy to grasp, card game where the objective is very easy.

The player aims to obtain a score equal to or lesser than 21 that beats the dealer’s card. This game is less about skill and a lot about your luck. However, the experienced players are capable of reducing the house advantage by half in this somewhat tricky game. This game has different gambling odds depending on certain situations involving “hitting the dealer’s cards”.


This classic dice game is probably one of the easiest games to earn some handsome payout. Lucky for the players, the odds of winning in Craps are 50-50, meaning there is a very fair chance of earning some exciting money prizes. This game is widely played in the casinos worldwide.

It includes two types, one with the pass-line and other without the pass-line. If you’re lucky someday, you’ll make a fortune out of this game as it is played for high money. There are just a few very easy rules to understand before you roll the dice of your luck.


No surprises, here again, this classic live table game is one of the most demanded games worldwide. Why? Well, mainly because of the great winning probabilities and high payouts it includes. Roulette has many versions, the best gambling odds are provided in the European version of Roulette which has merely a 2.70% house edge.

Surprisingly, Roulette has great winning payouts despite being one of the games with the highest winning odds. The American version of Roulette has a house edge of 5.26%. This is much more than compared to that of European Roulette due to the fact that this version has an extra pocket featuring 00. The winning odds in this game can further be increased by learning more advanced techniques of betting which are a bit complex.

How do the Gambling Odds Work?

Well, the gambling odds are not really a strategy or a proven fact, but these are merely the statistics that depict the probability of winning a particular game. Many casino games have a chart that lists the winning odds for players. Higher gambling odd simply means more chances of winning.

Gambling Odds and Winning Payouts

The relation between chances of winning and the payout is quite simple. Ideally. these are both inversely proportional to each other. Therefore, a game with higher winning odds is likely to have a low profit winning payout. On the other hand, the games with very slim win odds have very exciting and huge payouts to lure the players into trying their luck in the search for some huge profits.