Black Wolf

Are you ready for an exhilarating journey into the heart of the wilderness? Dive into the captivating world of Black Wolf, a 5x4, 25-line slot game that promises thrills, cash prizes, and epic JACKPOTS!

black wolf

A Wild Encounter in Nature’s Embrace

Answer the call of the wild as you step into this immersive game, where you’ll come face-to-face with the creatures of the forest. Amidst the backdrop of majestic mountains and a mesmerizing night sky, the reels are nestled in a breathtaking forest. Hear the wolves howl and birds chirp, creating an atmosphere that enhances the overall gaming experience.

Exploring the Thrilling Features

While navigating the forest with the wolfpack, encounter special symbols that unlock bountiful rewards. Keep an eye out for the BOOST SYMBOL, a key player during the main game. When it appears, it collects all values of Moon BONUS SYMBOLS on the reels, boosting your potential winnings.

black wolf gameplay
black wolf paytable

Hunt for the Hold & Win Bonus

To trigger the thrilling HOLD & WIN bonus game, land 6+ Moon BONUS SYMBOLS (or at least 5 Moon BONUS SYMBOLS plus a BOOST SYMBOL). These symbols stick to the reels, and respins follow to fill empty positions with BONUS SYMBOLS. Every new sticky symbol resets the respin count. After the final spin, the sum of values on BONUS SYMBOLS rewards a tempting payout. Fill all positions for the GRAND JACKPOT of 1,000x your bet or snag smaller jackpots like MAJOR, MINOR, and MINI SYMBOLS.

Epic Free Spin Adventure

Trigger 8 FREE SPINS by landing 3 Huntress SCATTERS. Enjoy an abundance of BOOST SYMBOLS and BONUS SYMBOLS during this mode, increasing your chances of activating the HOLD & WIN game.

Howl for Massive Prizes and Epic Jackpots

Black Wolf boasts sleek graphics, immersive animations, and a fantastic soundtrack, immersing you in the vast wilderness with every spin. Will you claim the GRAND JACKPOT? The only way to know is by experiencing the thrill yourself—play Black Wolf today!

Key Features to Remember

  1. Boost Your Winnings: Activate the BOOST FEATURE to collect Moon BONUS SYMBOL values and enhance your rewards.
  2. Wild on All Reels: Enjoy the thrill of WILD SYMBOLS appearing on all reels, increasing your winning potential.
  3. GRAND JACKPOT X1000: Aim for the coveted GRAND JACKPOT prize, offering a whopping 1000 times your bet.
  4. More Boost and Bonus Symbols in Free Spins: Benefit from additional BOOST SYMBOLS and BONUS SYMBOLS during FREE SPINS, maximizing your chances of winning big.
  5. Bonus Game with Boost Symbol and Mystery Symbols: Dive into the excitement of the BONUS GAME, featuring BOOST SYMBOLS and MYSTERY SYMBOLS for even more rewards.

Will you be the one to claim the game’s GRAND JACKPOT prize? There’s only one way to find out – embark on your Black Wolf adventure today!