7 Tips to Get More Comps at The Casino

If you have done basic research on casinos or frequently talked with a casino regular, then, you probably have heard about comps. It is the free stuff that casinos give to their loyal customers. However, not every customer gets comps. With some background research, you can become a comps bandit getting a decent amount of gifts in the process. 

how to get more comps at the casino

If you aren’t among the top 5% spender, you won’t be getting gifts sent by a casino to your place for enticing you to visit their location. However, if you follow our advice, you can get free goodies upon visiting a casino. The following 7 tips can boost your chances of getting freebies.

Enrol in the Slots Club

This one is so obvious that you might think of it as a useless tip. However, it is the most effective one of the lot. 

All casino games are operated with a house edge of about 5%-10% depending upon a particular game. With your player’s club card, you can get at least 0.2% of your total bet in freebies. 

It may not be a lot if you think of the percentage, but, in the long run, it adds up. So, the easiest way to get comps is to use slots club card while placing the bets.

Try Smaller Casinos

A big fancy casino has lots of gamblers playing on each day. So, what you may think as a significant amount to gamble, might be not worthy of comps for them. On the other hand, an older and smaller casino can give you a lot of comps for the same amount of betting.

Sure, high-end casinos gift top-level stuff to its elite gamblers — stuff, which you won’t get in a mid-sized casino. However, being a smaller gambler will only fetch you run-off-the-mill things in a posh gambling house.

Be an Extrovert

Developing a friendly relationship with casino employees can boost your chances of getting freebies. For that purpose, you have to be an extrovert because casino employees are strict professionals and won’t start a casual conversation with you first. 

Casino staffs are also people, so whenever they use their power to award comps, they will grant it to a friendly gambler than one who doesn’t recognize them much. So be cordial with them whenever you get a chance.

Stick to a Single Casino

Take, for instance, my friend Ryan is a loyal customer of Winstar Casino and steadily ascending the VIP level. This year he has lost $5000 in that particular casino so far. However, he gets his quota of fun for being a loyal customer to that casino. His perks include free rooms whenever he wants.

If he spent $1000 each on 5 different casinos, this wouldn’t be the scenario then. So being monogamous with casinos is a good idea to increase your comps receiving chances.

Concentrate on Return to Player

If you are a Video Poker addict or a slots gambler, you should concentrate on getting a good return to the player. Good return means you could play more with a fixed amount of money. Getting comps depends on how much you play, not how much you lost.

If your primary focus is to get more comps, then you should stick with Video Poker. A Video Poker machine can offer over 99% payback. However, to get such high returns, you have to play with a proper strategy. Once you master that freebies will be on your way.

Never Be Afraid of Asking

This one is related to ‘being an extrovert’ tip. Never be afraid to ask for anything.

For example, cocktail waitresses are there to serve you free drinks. If somehow they aren’t paying attention to your drinks request, Just ask the dealer and see if he can make some sort of arrangements. The pit boss can also award comps up to a certain range if you ask nicely.

Be Slow in Table Games

If you are playing table games like Blackjack, Roulette or Craps, then the dealer decides your batting average per game. The casino authority assumes that you’ll make a certain number of bets. Also, they will time your venture in the NZ online casino

Now, if you can make things slow during the game, that will reduce your hourly loss, yet you will get a good amount of comps. To slow things down, you can take an occasional smoking break or a washroom visit. Just make sure your action isn’t making others unhappy. 


A casino always holds an edge over its players. You will eventually lose your money if you play long enough. While you are losing money, you should enjoy all those complementary stuff that is in the house. Stuff like free beverages, free buffet, and free accommodation, which will recover some part of your loss. Do let us know if you have any additional tricks up your sleeves to get free comps.