The Scratch Card Glossary For All Seasons

There is nothing in the least complicated about Scratch Card gameplay. Scratch Cards, or Scratchies as they are sometimes known, are indeed one of the simplest games of chance ever invented. No strategy as such is needed during gameplay, with players being tasked with merely scratching off the foil-covered parts of the cards to be eligible for instant wins.

scratch card glossary

Still, it does make sense for Scratch Card players to be fully conversant with the Scratch Card glossary. Understanding what Scratch Card glossary mean and signify will make gameplay more enjoyable, apart from providing valuable insight into the whole process.

Without further ado here is the Scratch Card glossary for all seasons that all players need to have full knowledge of:

Login Screen

  • Real money play – By choosing real money play, players can play Scratch Card games with real money and stand a chance of winning real cash. Real money play is where most of the fun is at!
  • Free practice play – Free practice play is the demo version of Scratch Card games. As the name implies, such games are played for free. The aim is to build player appreciation and make it possible to practice and hone skills.
  • Login – After entering their account details, users can click on the login button and access their account. From there, they can play any Scratch Card or casino games of their choice.
  • User name – This is the unique personal identification needed to access an online casino account. It is recommended to keep usernames secret and avoid sharing them with friends and family.

Homepage Screen

  • Casino scratch – This refers to those scratch card games whose themes are linked to casinos. These include slots, Roulette and card games.
  • Classic scratch – This refers to quite a few classic and very popular games on show at scratch card sites.
  • Fantasy scratch – This refers to scratch card games with a fantasy theme. Examples of such scratch card games include The Lost Maya and The Fairy Tale.
  • Sports scratch – This kind of scratch card games have themes that revolve around the most popular sporting events, like soccer, bowling, horse racing, etc.
  • Recent games – By clicking on this section of a scratch card site, players can access all the games they recently played and their stats.

Game screen

  • Total wins – In this area, players can see how much they have won since the very first time they began playing.
  • Total bets – Here the players can view the cost of all the bets that have been made so far.
  • Line price – This is how much scratch card players have spent on every scratch card line.
  • Autoplay – The autoplay mode essentially automates the gameplay. By clicking on it, a selected number of scratch card games are automatically played, with no player intervention being required.
  • Cashier – This is the section where scratch card players can either fund their accounts or withdraw their wins.
  • Max bet – By clicking this button, players can make the maximum permissible bet, without being required to go through the exhausting process of incrementally increasing the bet size.

And that’s enough today on Scratch Card glossary, folks!