Odds Related to Hitting Pokie Machines with A Jackpot

odds of hitting pokies jackpot

Want to increase the chances of winning the pokies jackpot? Well, to do so, most of the people are interested in understanding the odds related to heating the pokie machine with a jackpot. However, the truth is that not a single person is aware of the actual odds of hitting the pokie machine with jackpot. It is the responsibility of the experts to gather necessary data from the experience of the players as well as winnings for calculating and giving an approximate idea of the odds of winning pokies. Not a single gaming manufacturer, online casino, or land-based casino are responsible for publishing the odds of pokie game.

Biggest Jackpot of Progressive Pokies

The biggest jackpot of the progressive pokies in the entire globe is Megabucks. Megabucks hits around at $12 million, but it can also hit at $33 million. It is important to know that if the jackpot is extremely high, it is difficult to hit it. The lowest possible odds include one in every 32768 for 1000-coin jackpot blue and red white pokies. The longest odds are 1 in every 49,836,032 for the biggest jackpot, Megabucks. Megabucks is known to have a multi-million-dollar prize.

Therefore, if the jackpot is higher, it is more likely for you to lose within the short-term. It is going to take skill and talent to fund the extra-large jackpots. Those machines that have huge jackpots, like Megabucks and Wheel of Fortune, are responsible for having bad odds, not just for hitting the jackpot but also for smaller pays. The cost indeed is the same as playing on regular pokie machines, but they are responsible for draining the money faster. Therefore, if you want a fair chance of winning within the short term, it is suggested that you choose machines that have small jackpots.

Time Is Taken By Pokies to Hit a Jackpot

As stated by pokies expert Michael Bluejay, you can take one week to a complete year of full-time play for hitting the pokies jackpot on an average. Therefore, the odds of hitting the jackpot on Jacks are around 1 in 40,000. The odds on the news pokies games are also extremely long. When someone is hitting a huge jackpot, they need to wait for the staff from the casino to come and pay the cash by hand. Also, the players who are hitting the jackpot will take breaks and stop playing for quite a while. This is why newer pokies take time to hit the jackpot.

Apart from that, the spin on the pokie machine is random, that’s why it does not matter when the last jackpot has been hit. Not a single pokie machine is going to be “due” to hit. Most people think that they can hit the jackpot by choosing a machine, which has not paid out recently, thinking that it is “due,” but the truth is that it is not. It is important to know that slot machines are not “due.”

Odds Associated with Winning Progressive Pokies Jackpot

On most of the slot machines, the total amount of the highest jackpot is fixed. However, certain pokies are known to have meters, which show that the amount of the jackpot is getting higher progressively. These machines are known as progressive machines. The portion of the amount that is played in these machines helps in pushing the jackpot higher. This means that when more players are playing, the jackpot is going to go higher up. Apart from that, these pokie machines have been linked together. This means that irrespective of the machine on which you are playing, the jackpot is being fed, and the linked games may also win the jackpot. Pokies that include Wheel of Fortune and Megabucks are the best examples of these kinds of pokies. Therefore, even when you are walking from a single casino to another one, you will observe that Megabucks’ jackpot remains the same.


A great portion of every dollar played is responsible for fueling the jackpot. Most returns on typical pokies come from smaller pays and not from the jackpot. Another important point to understand is that jackpots like Megabucks are normally paid in yearly instalments over a few years. It is your responsibility to understand whether the machine that you have chosen will pay you upfront or in small instalments.