How Do Jackpot Slots Fare Against Regular Slots?

Slots come in different varieties and flavours. As such, there is what is known as regular slots, and jackpot slots. The first offers pretty standard fare, while the other comes loaded with a prize that can often gift winners with a win of immense proportions.

jackpot slots vs regular slots

So, how do jackpots slots fare against standard slots and which of the two is better for players? Read on and get some answers.

The Regular Type of Jackpot Fun

Some regular slots are equipped with jackpots of varied heft. These slots, however, differ from jackpots slots in that their jackpots are fixed instead of being progressive. The fixed nature of these slot jackpots means that the jackpot prize stays the same year after year and the same sum can be won day after day.

The jackpots on regular online slots are smaller than can be found in progressive jackpots slots. With regular slots, it does not matter how much players wager, as all bet sizes are eligible for the jackpot prize. However, it is often the case that betting bigger amounts boosts the chances of winning jackpots in regular slots and that is worth watching out for. 

The Sweet Jackpot Tales

Jackpots slots, also referred to as progressive jackpots slots are a whole different kettle of fish. Their main difference from regular slots is that the jackpots in the jackpots slots rather than being fixed in place are progressive. That is, they grow and grow as the game is played but with the jackpot prize not won.

The prizes in these jackpots slots can often reach millions of pounds. Once a lucky bettor wins it, the jackpots prize reverts to its default size, before growing again as players play the jackpots and fail to win.

Most progressive jackpots slots operate over a global network. They can be simultaneously found in multiple casinos, with the same prize being available in all.

The Prizes in Jackpot Slots

Before picking a specific jackpot slot to play, players should first find out if it fully meets their needs. Next up is to check out how much can be won. Should the player want to win a certain amount that is not all that large, a better option would be to play a regular slot with a jackpot. Such slots are usually cheaper to play, and that might be convenient for players. 

However, when the intention is to win very large sums, then. a progressive jackpot slot can do. While these often come with outsized jackpots, it is worth remembering that the range of available jackpots games are not very extensive. Also worth noting is that jackpots slots can be expensive to play, mainly because part of the wager is used to bulk up the featured prize.

What Are the Winning Chances?

Winning chances should be gauged well before gameplay commences. This can be done by studying the RTP in regular slots and figuring out how to activate the featured jackpot. The jackpot in such slots is usually activated when players land a predetermined combo of icons on certain reel locations.

Progressive slots are however different. Some require players to spin up a bonus wheel before jackpots can be won. Others make it necessary for folks to land certain icons on certain reel locations. Some jackpots slots even award their jackpots at random, while others stipulate that players must triumph during an instant win game.

Generally, jackpots slots are more difficult to play than regular slots. Wins don’t come easy and that is why the prize in such slots grow to very sizable amounts.

Then there is the fact that the jackpots in jackpots slots are available to all players in the online casino. This can result in a lucky bloke triggering the jackpots and depriving other players of it.

This cannot happen with regular slots, because the jackpots prize is fixed and always available, waiting to be won. 

How to Choose?

As to which slot to choose, well that depends on the individual player. Progressive slots are quite attractive due to their jackpots prizes that are often in the millions of pounds. They are also very suspenseful and exciting to play but tend to be relatively expensive.

Regular slots on the other hand feature a jackpot prize that is always available. There is no rush to win or intense competition to win these jackpots because they are always available and not all that sizable.

In case both slot types appear too attractive and players do not know which to select and have fun with, a simple strategy can be followed. This has to do with playing regular slots and waiting for the jackpots prize in jackpots slots to grow to an appreciable size. Once this has happened, the player can then play the jackpots slots and hope to win.

Once the jackpots prize has been won, the player then reverts to regular slots, while keeping an eye out for those jackpots slots whose jackpots are getting all shades of juicy.