The Gambling Laws of New Zealand

New Zealand’s internal affairs department and the Gambling Group together help maintain the integrity, inspection and regulation requirements of the gambling industry. The Group does so by auditing and investigating all gaming activities other than casinos, licensing them and issuing approval certificates to employees in the sector. Thus, maintaining and updating gambling laws regularly is their prime responsibility.

new zealand gambling laws

Brief Outline of Gambling Laws

Under the auspices of Gambling Laws, the society is at the centre stage of the whole gamut of gambling activities and investigation into gambling effects. The rules also ensure that this community is the largest beneficiary of gambling proceeds and so, subsequent harm is minimised. The Gambling Act of 2003 regulates gambling will the following broad purposes:

  • Mitigate the harsh effects of gambling, including gambling addiction
  • Act as a pressure valve over gambling growth
  • Approve selective gambling and reject the outliers
  • Make sure the games are played with integrity and fair dealing
  • Promote accountable gambling
  • Make sure the society derives the lion’s share of benefits from gambling money
  • Curb criminal and dishonest activities that attach themselves with gambling
  • Raise stakeholder and community participation in gambling license deliberations

Roles of the Regulator

The New Zealand Internal Matters Department, the Gambling Commission and the Ministry of Health are collectively responsible for various facets of the Gambling Laws for gambling activities.

The Health Ministry 

  • Is responsible for gambling de-addiction services, financing and coordinating its implementation.
  • Has put in place multi-year strategic and service plans to minimise the harm caused by gambling and put in place a preventive mechanism for the same. 

The Internal Matters Department 

  • Is the administrator of Gambling Laws and ensures its compliance.
  • Disseminates information to the public and educates them.
  • Is the license provider for all gambling forms except casino gambling.

The Gambling Commission

  • Is the approval and application authority for licenses of casino operators.
  • Has oversight of the Internal Matters Department with respect to the handling of complaints about Class 4 gambling.
  • Has the power to rescind, change and describe the conditions approved under online casino licenses.
  • Is the consultative body to set the gambling addiction tax and an advisory to ministers.
  • Judges hearings against license and regulation decisions passed by the Internal Matters Department.

Latest and Old Gambling Laws

The following constitutes the list of latest applicable laws to the gambling industry:

  • Gambling Amendment Act (No 2) of 2015
  • Gambling Amendment Act of 2015
  • Gambling Amendment Act of 2005
  • Gambling Act of 2003, which repealed the Casino Control Act of 1990 and Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1977, integrating them into one Law.
  • Racing Act of 2003, which administer racing
  • Boxing and Wrestling Act of 1981

The Following Constitute Old Gambling Laws:

  • Casino Control (Moratorium) Amendment Act of 1997
  • Casino Control (Moratorium) Amendment Act of 2000
  • Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1977 and other amendments
  • Casino Control Act of 1990 (and other amendments)
  • Gaming and Lotteries (Licence Fees) Regulations of 1992
  • Casino Control (Applications and Hours) Regulations of 1991
  • Gaming and Lotteries Prizes Notice of 1993
  • Casino Control (Certificates of Approval and Warrants) Regulations of 1994
  • Gaming and Lotteries (Problem Gambling Levy) Regulations of 1998

In-depth Review

A comprehensive analysis of all general information pertinent to Gambling Laws is available on the page called Fact Sheets of Gambling Act of 2003. More information can be obtained using:

  • GAMBITS, which is a Gambling Group newsletter about issues and work-in-progress of the industry.
  • Gaming Statistics page, which lists licensed entities and their expenditure statistics in Gambling
  • Gambling Research Outline, which enlists the stakeholder survey and research of gambling proceeds and its influence.
  • Gambling and Grants page, which shows the grants provided to the industry over the past years
  • Contact Information page, which displays the phone number and email to contact the government.