Facts About Video Poker

Video poker game has been around for long now and has got a huge fan following. Just like blackjack, video poker is a game of cards except that it’s played on a computerised console. Although both these games are played using cards and seem similar, they are completely different from each other. Hence, this article deals with the interesting facts of the video poker and help players know what an amazing game it is!

facts about video poker

Video Poker an Intellectual Game

If you consider other casino games like roulette, slots and such, you will notice that the only thing you got to do here is to place a bet and wait for the outcome. But when it comes to video poker, players need to be very careful with the decisions they make while betting and playing this game in general. This is because the game is strategic and your decisions are what lead to your winnings or losses. So one has got to be clever at playing this game or will become intellectual after a few rounds of video poker.

Relatively More Earnings in this Video Poker

Video poker brings much more fortune to the players when compared to the slots games. Even if the players have little experience playing this card game, they can still manage to make the right decisions to enter into winning streak. Also, if the players are right just a few times, the payback percentage obtained at a video poker game is still pretty impressive compared to any of the slots games in that casino. The payback percentages assigned by the casinos are distinct in different casinos and at different places. But the one thing that is common in every casino is that the VP game gets more payouts than the slots game. While the average slots machine provides payout percentages of less than 95%, the average VIP casino game roots for more than 95%.

Pay Table and the Random Number Generator Help Increase the Earnings

While playing the slots game, the outcomes are dependent on a list of combination of symbols. So once the game starts, players have to just blindly play the game hoping to hit a winning combination. There is no possible chance of knowing what the outcome of the slots game could be. But in case of VIP game, the odds of getting a particular card out of 52 cards are 1. This is because of the random number generator which is simulated to bring forth the same combinations as that of the deck of cards. So the players can now estimate the odds of expecting any particular hand and accordingly even get returns. This helps them make decisions better while choosing or discarding any cards.

Math Skills to Make Your Video Poker Experience More Fun

VIP game is fun anyway whether you are good at math or not. But if you’re good with your math skills, you are at an advantage. These math skills can be applied during the calculation of the probabilities of the card combinations. Also, you can pick which of the VIP games you want to play easily with the understanding of the odds of the outcome.

Many players even read the books on this which are written by the experts who have already researched, analysed and provided everything about the game strategies, winning odds and payout percentages. Also, the math needed in this game is pretty easy and will surely help players to make decisions that will help them win.