Data Science: Is It An Effective Method for Flawless Winning?

Well, Data science is a concept for flawless winning in casino games like Blackjack which includes the use of mathematical calculations, algorithms, computer simulations, data analysis, statistics and machine learning (A.I) in order to process raw data and run simulations in order to get to know the most desirable outcome by processing it into the computer.

data science method for winning

Now, a question might arise in your mind, “How can Data Sciences possibly be helpful at a casino?”. Well, Data sciences enable the bettors to run every possibility of winning their bet and get the best outcome in which the bettor has more edge of winning. Therefore, the high rollers can input every known strategy of theirs and run them through simulations and see for themselves which one of their strategies works the best. Although it seems like a very good idea, the thing is if the data science was so accurate, then those people who can use it would have won every game. Still, everything has a limit, and data science only provides you with a probability, not the precise outcome. Therefore, it still depends on luck.

Data science can also be very helpful in winning more at the online casinos as , the algorithm used by the online casinos in order to give outcome is similar to those algorithms used by data scientists in order to predict the outcome, so, it will enable the players to get a real chance of winning big at the online casinos than at land-based casinos.

Let us take an example of Blackjack!

Blackjack is one of the simplest and most widely played card games at a casino. The main goal of the games is that the player has to get 21 or as close to 21. The outcome of the game is quite simple as the player can either beat the dealer or tie to dealer or loose to the dealer. Therefore, it will also be simple to run the simulations and get the most desirable and profitable outcome. 

A high roller can test all his strategies in Blackjack from card counting to deck penetration through the data sciences. But in order to run the simulations, we have known about all the terminology used in Blackjack, that is, splitting, doubling down, hit, stay, and so on. For example,

def player_move(your_hand, limit, true_cnt, dealer_hand):


   Chooses ‘hit’ or ‘stay’ depending on the limit set and count


   dtotal = hand_total(dealer_hand[:1])

   # Meaning there are plenty of face cards left

   if true_cnt > 0:

     if hand_total(your_hand) >= limit:

       return ‘stay’

     elif hand_total(your_hand) < limit:

       return ‘hit’

     elif dtotal >= 10:

       return ‘stay’

   # Meaning there are plenty of low cards left: < 6 value

   elif true_cnt < 0:

     if hand_total(your_hand) <= limit:

       return ‘hit’

     elif hand_total(your_hand) > limit:

       return ‘stay’

     elif dtotal < 10:

       return ‘hit’         

   # Meaning the count is neutral so play a basic strategy    


     if hand_total(your_hand) >= 17:

       return ‘stay’

     elif hand_total(your_hand) < 17:

       return ‘hit’

This is just a simple Python program that would help us to evaluate whether we should hit or stay at a game. In this program, if there is a chance of winning is more than 60%, then you can “stay”, but if it is less than that, it would recommend you to “hit”.

Final Thoughts

You should always keep this thing in your mind that there is no particular method to increase the probability of winning a hand in Blackjacks. Therefore, you can use advanced methods in casinos, but you must have your fortune with you too for winning a hand. So, now you can head out for a casino and play with all the new-found knowledge, and you can see if your luck favours. Good luck there!