Casino Tipping Etiquette

Casino gambling is not just about making money. It entails much more fun and thrill that comes with the glamour and enthusiasm that the casino environment creates for its players. Online gambling might not require it, but tipping your favourite dealer or any other casino employee is a regular feature at brick-and-mortar casinos. Before you tip an employee at the casino, it’s always better to know the casino tipping etiquette that can assist you to live up to appropriate standards. Many employees at the casinos might be actually living on the wage you honour them with.

casino tipping etiquette

Things to Consider: Casino Tipping Etiquette

Casino tipping etiquette is more than just offering the croupier a pound or two. At least a $5 is considered a decent amount. It’s not only the dealer but the valets and bellhops who also expect and deserve being tipped well. Most land casinos around the world are located in luxury hotels that offer many other amenities that involve staff who need to be fairly tipped for their services. Think that you are being served the finest delicacies at a restaurant in your favourite Las Vegas casino; you can make your dining experience as enjoyable by tipping the food servers well. At most fine dining outlets, 20% is considered as a standard tip for the table hosts. Buffets and bars can save you some money, but offering a tip can get you customized service.

Should You Tip If You Are Winning?

A lot of people think that it makes sense to tip the dealer if you are winning a game. Remember, that your dealer has nothing to do with your luck and it’s just the excitement of winning that might motivate you to offer a good amount of tip. It’s best to tip according to your budget and based on the dealer’s professionalism.

Game Specific Casino Tipping Etiquette

Before you start to tip, you can refer to the following guide that suggests how much tip is appropriate for a specific games category.


Many industry veterans suggest paying around $5 per hour good work as the golden rule of tipping your Blackjack dealer. If you are feeling generous and your pocket allows it, you may even go up to offering $10. This can be done by simply placing a chip on the felt anytime you want and communicating to the dealer that it’s for him. You can alternatively place a bet on behalf of your dealers irrespective of whether he wins that bet or not, it’s an appreciable gesture. In case you are playing Craps, you can tip in a similar way as you do when playing a game of Blackjack.

Casino Tipping Etiquette in Roulette

Experts suggest that Roulette is a game that favours the house in a big manner and thus, making a bet for the dealing like in Blackjack may not be a suitable tipping method. Some Roulette players say that instead, you can offer to tip $5 per hour directly to the croupier.


When playing Poker, you can either pass a small or a big blind to the dealer based on your winnings. For every hand of the game, you can tip him with a small amount and tip out a big one at the end of the dealer’s session. At most Poker tournaments, you might see that the dealers are rewarded with an amount from the prize pool. In case that’s not how it’s designed to be, you might have to offer an additional tip which could range anywhere from 1% and 5% of your winnings.

When playing the above casino games online the provision of tipping may not be available, but at a live casino lobby, you can check if such as option is available. Games like slots machines that may require an assistant to help you at land casinos, it’s appropriate that you tip them with at least one percent of the jackpot amount you claim.

To follow casino tipping etiquette at the end of the day is a personal choice and may not impact your luck in any way but if it can get you a better service and increase your happiness quotient at the gaming table, why not do it?