Know Your Betting Systems and the House Edge

There are different patterns in which players stake their money when gambling at a NZ online casino. Most games have a built-in house edge and players either win or lose bets. What matters to the operator is not the win or the loss amount that affects the players but the amount of money that’s pooled into the system. In general, the earnings of the house can be calculated by multiplying the total wagered amount with the house edge. However, this does not stand true in the case of the progression betting system.

betting systems and house edge

The Correlation Between the Progression Betting System and Its House-Edge

The progression betting pattern considers the current wager based on the previous amount bet and its result. Games which are designed with a large variance appeal to most players. While this can help you reap high payouts, it is the loss that compensates for the wins and makes for the house edge.

The question is whether the betting pattern can alter the house edge. The law of wagering denies this possibility but highlights that players lose at a predicted rate. The progression betting pattern does change the manner in which losses occur. Take a look at these progression betting patterns that enumerate this. For instance, in a Martingale System when a player loses a wager, he doubles it in the next bet and continues to do so until he wins. Once he wins, his wager returns to the original value he had started with. So each time he leaves on a win, he is ensured of a winning streak to follow. However, for several reasons, he might not be able to leave on a win always and not every player can sustain the amount of loss to keep playing if he keeps losing and getting progressively. The table limits are usually to protect the casino’s funds from the effects of one big wager and these limits also enable the operator to segregate the premium players from the rest. In the Martingale system, most players come out with small wins as they would not like to bear losing for long. However, he still loses a big amount.

As opposed to the positive progression betting system is the negative progression which highlights the winning sessions’ frequency. Here too the player fears a long streak of losses which in the long run contributes to the house edge. The positive betting system grows the player’s profit and players usually treat this as extra money to gamble for more. So, they accept the little losses that may occur frequently in an attempt to hit a single big win. In this case, the player needs lesser capital. Also, the upside potential is massive and the downside risk is smaller when calculated per session.

The catch of positive progression pattern is the temptation of the big win where the player hopes for a long winning streak. The reality is that the big winning sessions are rare. A small loss is bound to strike in most cases and in the long run both the wins and losses sum up to what makes the house-edge. Experts say that players cannot overcome the ‘wagering law’. This suggests that betting systems may not be the perfect tool to offer you an advantage. If you are playing Blackjack applying any of the strategies, it may not always prove to be an advantage always to use the prescribed winning systems.