Slingo Reel Extreme

If you're searching for a thrilling game that seamlessly blends the excitement of bingo and pokies, you've arrived at the right destination with Slingo Reel Extreme. Developed by the creators of The Price is Right pokie game, this Slingo variant stands apart from its predecessors. It foregoes the flashy features found in earlier versions and offers a straightforward yet captivating Slingo experience within the familiar setting of an online pokie game.

slingo reel extreme

Slingo Reel Extreme: Uniting Excitement from Slingo Reel Riches and the Heat of Slingo Extreme

Slingo Reel Extreme combines the best of both worlds, merging the excitement of Slingo Reel Riches with the intensity of Slingo Extreme. This red-hot pokie game offers a unique and thrilling gameplay experience featuring a range of innovative features. Prepare for a gaming adventure like no other, with linked games to keep those reels spinning in your favour.

Understanding the Game’s RTP and Variance

In Slingo Reel Extreme, players can expect an RTP (return to player) of 95.6% throughout 100 spins. While this RTP slightly falls below the industry standard of 96%, it remains competitive. The game boasts medium variance, meaning you can anticipate frequent, albeit smaller, wins throughout your gaming session. If you enjoy this level of variance and are looking for similar pokie games, you’ll find a vast selection of free pokie games available at Slots Temple.

How to Play Slingo Reel Extreme

The game’s logo showcases a whimsical jester donning a red hat, evoking a playful yet edgy persona. This character is one of the jokers that feature prominently as symbols within the game. Clear instructions are provided above the game board, guiding players on how to start the game and emphasizing the wild nature of jokers and super jokers.

Once you click the green “Start Play” button, you’re granted 11 consecutive spins to secure a winning combination, whether it’s a single line or a full house.

Slingo Reel Extreme: Game Features

Slingo Extreme caters to a wide audience, making it suitable for players of various backgrounds and preferences. Newcomers will find it easy to grasp the game’s straightforward mechanics. To commence your Slingo Reel Extreme journey, you must set your bet, ranging from a modest 0.5 per game to a maximum of 100 coins. Regardless of your bet, you’ll enjoy 11 exciting spins and potential rewards.

The game boasts a user-friendly interface with neatly organized elements. By clicking the “i” button in the screen’s top right corner, players can access a comprehensive playing guide that provides valuable insights into mastering the game. While the basics, such as initiating a spin and watching as balls exit the hopper and align below the reels, are straightforward, additional nuances exist to explore.

Bonus and Free Spins Features

Slingo Reel Extreme introduces a wild symbol represented by a stack of golden coins. This symbol doubles any win on a given line and replaces other symbols along the reels to create more winning combinations.

The game incorporates three types of win spin bonus rounds, each offering its unique perks:

  • 3 bonus symbols grant you 16 spins with a 2x multiplier, 8 spins with a 4x multiplier, or 4 spins with an 8x multiplier.
  • 4 bonus symbols provide you with 16 spins featuring a 4x multiplier, 8 spins with an 8x multiplier, or 4 spins with a 16x multiplier.
  • 5 bonus symbols unlock 16 spins accompanied by a substantial 20x multiplier, 8 spins with a rewarding 40x multiplier, or 4 spins enhanced by an impressive 80x multiplier.

Additionally, players can purchase extra free spins in the game. This opportunity arises after completing five spins on the reels and may enable you to upgrade your winning symbol bonus.

Slingo Reel Extreme Review Summary

Slingo Reel Extreme offers an enjoyable gaming experience, combining elements of bingo and pokies. However, like other Slingo games, it doesn’t introduce groundbreaking features to entice long-term players. Unlike traditional pokie games, the game lacks the rapid spinning of reels, proceeding at a more relaxed pace. The gameplay involves clicking the spin button for each ball released from the tombola. While the prospect of winning 50,000 coins is enticing, pursuing additional spins to achieve this goal can be risky.

Although not an extreme experience, Slingo Reel Extreme effectively fulfills its role as a game that bridges the gap between bingo and pokies. It provides a mobile-compatible gaming option suitable for Android and iPhone users, meeting the expectations of most players. While it may not reinvent the wheel, Slingo Reel Extreme offers a dependable and enjoyable gaming experience within the realm of bingo games.