Shake! Shake!

Indulge in a tropical pokie game adventure with the Shake! Shake! online pokie game, an enticing creation by renowned studio Felix Gaming. Dive into the beach-themed revelry where a Wild bartender and vibrant cocktails await. Released in November 2021, this pokie game has swiftly gained popularity for its dynamic gameplay and stunning artwork. This comprehensive review, complemented by a free demo mode of the game, offers insights into the immersive experience that awaits players.


Setting the Scene: Beachside Bliss in 5×4 Reels

Transport yourself to the beach and explore the art of cocktail mixing with Shake! Shake! This 5×4 pokie machine is ingeniously set against a backdrop adorned with palm trees, creating a picturesque beach atmosphere. The highest-paying symbols, featuring spirits like tequila, whiskey, and gin, set the tone for a refreshing and visually appealing gaming experience. Delve into the lower-paying symbols, showcasing fruits like lemon, lime, and orange, to complete the vibrant ensemble.

Mixing and Matching: Mastering the Gameplay

Embark on the Shake! Shake! online pokie game journey by selecting a stake ranging from 0.20 to 60.00. With 256 ways to win, all flowing seamlessly from left to right, the game introduces two exciting ways to secure victories.

  1. Symbol Matches: Collect matching symbols as outlined in the paytable, forming winning combinations.
  2. Cocktail Completion: Complete a cocktail as displayed in the game’s paytable and to the left of the grid. This involves gathering the correct spirit, mixer, and fruit. The cumulative values of each symbol contribute to the overall prize.

The values in the paytable are calculated based on a maximum stake on the Shake! Shake! pokie game, representing the rewards for three-of-a-kind or four-of-a-kind combinations of the same symbol.

shake!shake! gameplay
shake!shake! paytable

Captivating Themes and Symbols: A Bartender’s Paradise

Inspired by a beach bar’s lively atmosphere, Shake! Shake! brings the thrill of a bartender crafting cocktails to the pokie game reels. The visuals showcase a picturesque beach bar setting with the bartender stealing the spotlight. The soundtrack adds to the excitement, creating a perfect blend of relaxation and thrill.

The symbols, ranging from fruits like orange, lime, and lemon to mixers such as Cola, Sprite, and Fruit Punch, offer varying payouts for up to four identical symbols. The high-paying vodka, whiskey, and rum symbols bring in substantial rewards, with the bartender serving as the Wild symbol, substituting for others and triggering extra prizes.

Bonus Rounds & Free Spins: Unveiling the Cocktails Feature

While Shake! Shake! offers a thrilling experience, it is relatively straightforward in its features. The Cocktails Feature promises unique prizes when specific symbol combinations are achieved. To trigger rewards, two drinks must appear simultaneously, including the Wild card. The enticing cocktail combinations include:

  • Long Island: Vodka + Tequila + Whiskey
  • Mojito: Whiskey + Sprite + Lime
  • Cuba Libre: Whiskey + Cola + Lime
  • Bloody Mary: Vodka + Fruit Punch + Lemon
  • Vodka Soda: Vodka + Sprite + Lemon
  • Tequila Sunrise: Tequila + Orange + Lemon
  • Margarita: Tequila + Lime + Orange

These cocktails, listed from most to least valuable, showcase their respective symbols on the grid along with their associated prizes.

Chasing the Jackpot: Maximum Win and More

Shake! Shake! offers a chance to seize a maximum win of 713x your total wager, equivalent to 42,780. While the multiplier may seem modest, the allure of paradise and extra cash for your journey is nothing to complain about. The game’s 4×4 reels and 256 ways to win make hitting the jackpot more achievable, especially with the assistance of the Wild symbol. However, be mindful of the game’s volatility, adding a thrilling challenge to your quest for rewards.

In Conclusion: Shake, Spin, and Savor the Paradise

In summary, Shake! Shake! stands as a testament to Felix Gaming’s ability to craft an immersive and visually appealing pokie. The combination of beachside aesthetics, vibrant symbols, and innovative features makes it a compelling choice for both seasoned players and newcomers. Sip your virtual cocktail, spin the reels, and let the beachside bliss of Shake! Shake! transport you to a world of sun, sand, and sensational wins.