Rainbow Riches Slingo

Slingo Rainbow Riches is an online pokie game that Slingo Originals developed with an RTP of 95.60%. It has a minimum bet of just one penny for each spin, making it an excellent choice for those on a limited budget. The game is centred around Barcrest's top-rated Rainbow Riches series and provides players with the one-of-a-kind Slingo experience. 

slingo rainbow riches

The fact that this game is a pokie with modest volatility is of some appeal to you. This is similar to high-variance games, which only sometimes hand out large winners, and low-variance pokies, which hand out a large number of smaller wins.

The Rainbow Riches bonus round paradise has incredible extra features like the Magic Toadstool and Pots of Gold bonus games. Now it’s all-new, better than ever, and even has a Slingo spin! Slingo is the most excellent online casino and your new favourite game. It combines pokies and bingo to offer an entirely new gameplay experience you will like. Make combinations of the numbers on your reels and the numbers on your grid to win’slingos’ and go closer to activating the classic Rainbow Riches bonus rounds you are familiar with and adore.

The primary objective of this game is to reach the end of the rainbow and claim the treasure that awaits there. Your bonus rounds will contain lucky coins, wishing wells, toadstools, and pots of gold to underline the happy Irish theme and the large prizes awaiting you. This will take place while a rainbow of varying colours surrounds you.

How to Play

The game is played with minimal effort. To get started, you need to just click on the green spin tab. You may adjust your bets on the left side of the screen, and then you can look for unique symbols to increase your chances of winning that elusive pot of gold.

The minimum bet is 0.50 dollars, and they may go as high as 200,000 dollars. You will be given 10 spins, and then you can begin the game after you hit the start game tab. Start the spin, hoping to find a number on the reels corresponding to one of your grid’s numbers. Slingo can be achieved by crossing off those lines or the whole house.

Slingo Rainbow Riches Bonus Rounds

The bonus games that are included in this pokie game have the potential to set off a winning streak. A bonus round will be triggered for you if you successfully get at least five Slingos in a row.

Wishing Well Bonus

The Wishing Well is another perk that players may take use of to increase their chances of winning a reward. You will be presented with three possibilities, and after making your selection, the game will disclose the outcome. You may also be taken on the Road to Riches, a game where you spin a wheel and advance down a golden path. You will receive an additional one to six moves, completely free of charge, to assist you on your path to victory. During your journey, you will encounter rewards, but you won’t be able to claim them until the wheel stops on one of the “Collect” sections.

Magic Toadstool 

As part of the Magic Toadstool bonus, you can select three different types of toadstools. This will indicate values that are winning. Uncovering a fairy will make you eligible for an additional reward.

You may receive a fairy and three additional multiplier values by picking up one of the toadstools, each with a multiplier ranging from 1x to 5x in value. If you use your final two selections to uncover all 24 toadstools, you can trigger a fantastic threefold multiplier. If you can expose them all with only one choice remaining, you will receive a bonus to raise your victory by a factor of two.

Cash Crop Bonus

Another bonus feature is Cash Crop, which involves spinning 50 coins until they stop, at which point they reveal a multiplier you have earned. You will receive the chance to flip a coin, and then you may either collect the value you won or go on to the next round. The value of the multipliers and the prizes up for grabs will increase with each round, resulting in some pretty remarkable rewards by the time the game is through.

Road to Riches

Spinning the wheel of fortune will take you along the treasure path anywhere from one to six places. When the wheel stops on the word “COLLECT,” you will be given the prize corresponding to your present place on the trail.

Road to Riches Red

The original Road to Riches bonus has the same rules as before, but all awards have been doubled. Another opportunity to win the jackpot!

Slingo Rainbow Riches Review Summary

Everyone enjoys playing Rainbow Riches and Slingo, so what could be unappealing about this fantastic game? In addition to its stunning visuals and entertaining icons, this game offers a generous selection of bonuses, each of which can increase the player’s odds of winning.