Pirate King

Go on a high-seas adventure with Pirate King, a thrilling online pokie game developed by Dragoon Soft. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the captivating features, vivid theme, and potential treasures that await players on the ship's bridge. Explore the 5-reel grid, uncover the mysterious symbols, and set sail for an unforgettable gaming experience.

pirate king

Setting Sail: Pirate King game Overview

Pirate King unfolds on a 5-reel grid with 3 columns, boasting 10 pay lines for players to navigate. While the game’s RTP and variance remain shrouded in mystery, the excitement builds as the ship sets sail on the high seas, promising wilds, multiplier symbols, and free spins.

Immersive Theme: Navigating the Pirate Ship

As the ship’s deck unfolds in the introduction, players find themselves at the helm, steering across open waters. The undulating sea occasionally splashes against the hull, while clouds race and converge on the horizon. Treacherous rocks flank the ship, leaving players in anticipation of hidden treasures. The symbols on the reels, including the Treasure Chest, Pirate, Parrot, Treasure Map, Compass, and Musket, come to life against the backdrop of the high seas.

pirate king gameplay
pirate king paytable

Free Spins Adventure

The game comes alive during the free spins round, where the skull-headed pirate ghost takes command of the ship, steering it through a sudden storm. The animation adds an extra layer of excitement, and the well-animated symbols contribute to the immersive experience. Engaging sound effects, particularly the lively parrot, enhance the gameplay, though the cheering crowd during big wins may leave players wondering about the ship’s passenger count.

Bet Sizes and Paytable: Plundering Riches on the Reels

Pirate King offers a flexible betting range, allowing players to set sail with a minimum bet of 0.10 and a maximum of 500. The 5-reel adventure offers six regular symbols, each holding its own value on the paytable: Treasure Chest, Pirate, Parrot, Treasure Map, Compass, and Musket. The fearsome Pirate Skull acts as the wild symbol, promising exciting substitutions on the reels.

Riches and Payouts

The paytable showcases rewarding payouts, with values ranging from 3x to 5x. Seize the highest pay-outs with the following symbols:

  • Treasure Chest x5 = 200
  • Pirate x5 = 100
  • Parrot x5 = 80
  • Treasure Map x5 = 60
  • Compass x5 = 50
  • Musket x5 = 40

Conclusion: Conquer the Seas, Claim Pirate King Riches

In the realm of online pokies, Pirate King stands tall as an exhilarating voyage into uncharted waters. The immersive theme, dynamic animations, and thrilling features create an unforgettable gaming experience. With the potential for substantial payouts, players are invited to chart their course, seize the treasures, and sail into the sunset with Dragoon Soft’s Pirate King.

Dive into the excitement, set sail on the high seas, and experience the thrill of Pirate King. Uncover hidden riches, trigger free spins, and let the pirate adventure unfold. Join the ranks of fearless seafarers and claim your share of the bounty in this daring online pokie game journey. The seas await—will you be the next Pirate King?