Million Coins Respin

In Million Coins Respin, you should get ready to fill your bags with prizes since anything may happen in this game. The game is a classic video pokie that was released on February 5th, 2018, by iSoftBet, and in this review, you will learn about all of the benefits that are provided by it. Continue reading to obtain further information on the pokie's RTP, volatility, paytable, and the available extra features.

million coins respin

There is a possibility that Million Coins Respin needs to provide its players with a standard assortment of free spins features and cash games when it comes to the subject of bonuses. Despite this, it allows them to win precious rewards. The Million Coins Respin pokie game has a manual reel respin option integrated into the game, and it also has six jackpot rewards that may pay up to one million coins. The name of this game could not be more apt. You should check the entire review to learn more about these supplementary features.

Million Coins Respin game features

This pokie game’s high volatility level is justifiable due to the remarkable maximum prize that can be won on the Million Coins Respin pokie game. However, its RTP is near the golden medium, and with the assistance of a helpful Respin bonus feature, you may anticipate rather frequent little rewards before you can capture the top jackpot on the reels. This is the case despite the RTP being relatively close to the golden medium.

We recommend that you go into Million Coins Respin if you are interested in finding coin-based online pokie games that provide you with better control over the amount of money you wager. You can choose to wager anywhere from one to five coins on each of the game’s twenty-five pay lines, and the value of each coin can range from one-hundredth of a credit to a whole credit. If you lower all of the parameters to their lowest possible settings, the most you may bet in a single round is 0.20 credits (1 coin x coin value of 0.01 x 20 pay lines). You can wager a maximum of one hundred credits on a single spin if all settings are at their highest possible levels.

Game Symbols

The million wild is the most lucrative symbol to acquire in this game since it may pay out a return even if only one instance is on the screen at any given time. The payouts for this symbol begin at 25 coins (coin size) for a single symbol and reach up to 50,000 coins when 5 of the symbols simultaneously line up on a pay line. The only other sign that pays out anywhere near as much as this does is the fortune symbol, which, depending on the combination, may pay anywhere from 100 to 10,000 coins. Regardless of whether a usual or wild symbol is responsible for triggering a payout, all payouts are only ever made in a left-to-right direction, beginning with the very first reel.

The pokie game also features a collection of seven classic symbols in addition to these two fortunate symbols; however, the only time any classic symbols may result in a reward is when they appear on a payline in combinations of three to five. The sign that looks like a burning seven is the most lucrative of this bunch. It may return anywhere from 500 to 5,000 coins. At the other end of the list are the cherries and the 77s, which provide similar payouts ranging from fifty to one hundred and fifty cents. But even if you don’t obtain a matching set of any symbols, you may still win a minor reward ranging from 25 to 100 coins if a mixed combination of any BAR symbols falls on a pay line. This is the case regardless of whether or not you acquire a matching set of symbols.

The only symbols that offer decent payouts in this game are not the regular ones. Additionally, the pokie game has unique 10, 0 and 00 symbols that, when grouped, may spell out payment and deliver one of six potential jackpot awards. When the 10 and 0 symbols occur on any payline to spell out the appropriate win, players are awarded one of five prizes: ten, one hundred, one thousand, and ten thousand coins, as well as a larger reward of one hundred thousand coins.

Million Coins Respin on Mobile

Million Coins Respin is a game that can be played on any mobile device because it was developed using the most recent advancements in online gaming technology, such as HTML5 and Javascript. You don’t need to download any additional software in order to play this pokie on your mobile device; all you have to do is open it up in the browser of your mobile device, and you’ll be able to take advantage of its high-definition and fluid visuals.

Million Coins Respin Review Summary

Consider adding the Million Coins Respin video pokie to your list if you’re seeking classic machines that provide large jackpot payouts and allow you to move your reels and change your luck. The Million Coins Respin video pokie is an excellent choice if you’re searching for these types of machines. It’s possible that the game’s jackpot isn’t as lucrative as the ones offered by pokie machines in Las Vegas, but if you win one million dollars, how can you complain? However, when playing, you should use some discretion when using the respin feature. Not only will this cost you more money than you can make from it, but it may also end up paying you absolutely nothing.