Lines of Magic

Lines of Magic, a captivating online pokie game crafted by Felix Gaming, transcends players into a world of mystical reagents, potent books, and magical studies. Unlike the usual focus on spell battles, this real money pokie game immerses players in the intricate journey of wizards mastering their craft. With a backdrop of a bustling magical laboratory, the game offers players the chance to harness magical powers and unlock spins that promise substantial rewards. In this comprehensive review, we explore the gameplay, symbols, bonus features, and overall allure of Lines of Magic.

lines of magic

Magical Study Theme

Lines of Magic unfolds on a five-reel, 20-line pokie machine, immersing players in a magical study theme. The vibrant backdrop features a bustling laboratory adorned with mystical paraphernalia, creating a visually captivating experience. The sharp, hand-drawn graphics, characterized by contrasting red and blue hues, contribute to the magical ambience. Slick animations accompany each win, enhancing the overall enchantment.

Customizable Wagering

Players can tailor their gaming experience by adjusting bet amounts per coin, choosing the number of lines, and setting the coins bet per line (up to a maximum of ten). The game caters to various preferences, allowing flexibility in wagering. Matching symbols from left to right across the reels is the primary objective, with lower-value symbols requiring three in a row for a win and more valuable icons rewarding small prizes for pairs.

lines of magic gameplay
lines of magic paytable

Symbols and Enchanting Bonus Features

Symbolic riches unfold through a range of elements, from popular card rank symbols to vibrant gems and magical sevens. The wizard symbol reigns supreme, offering rewards of up to 750 times the line bet for a five-symbol match. The diversity of symbols adds depth to the gameplay, ensuring a captivating reel-spinning experience.

Book of Wonders

A mystical book serves as a wild symbol, adding an element of unpredictability to the reels. The book can substitute for other icons, creating winning combinations. Achieving a match of five books unlocks the game’s highest win potential, granting players 5,000 times their line bet—a truly magical feat.

Pentagram Scatters and Free Spins

A pentagram symbol functions as a scatter, offering rewards of up to 20 times the spin wager when three or more appear. Additionally, three or more pentagrams trigger 10 free spins, each accompanied by a 2x multiplier. This feature adds excitement and substantial value to the gameplay.

Potion Collection Bonus

A unique potion symbol introduces an intriguing bonus element. While the potion itself doesn’t yield immediate prizes, the game tallies the number of potions collected during play. Upon accumulating 35 potions, players unlock a special feature—a free spin where the first, middle, and last reels transform into wilds. This feature holds immense potential for massive combinations and lucrative wins.

Review Summary

Lines of Magic emerges as a dynamic and entertaining pokie machine that captivates players with its magical allure. While it may lack an abundance of features, the game maximizes the impact of those present. The allure of substantial wins coupled with innovative features, such as the potion collection bonus, sets Lines of Magic apart. The incorporation of elements rewarding prolonged play enhances the overall engagement.

Lines of Magic caters to enthusiasts seeking magical themes and solid action. The absence of elaborate second-screen bonuses may deter those inclined toward such features. However, for a wizardly adventure blended with thrilling gameplay, Lines of Magic stands as an exceptional choice, inviting players to unlock the mysteries of arcane arts and reap magical rewards.