It’s a Joker

Felix Gaming, a maestro in crafting mid-range pokie games, introduces another gem into its repertoire — the spine-chilling delight named It’s a Joker. As a 3x3 pokie game with 3 reels, 3 rows, and 5 paylines, it offers a classic setup perfect for both novices and seasoned players seeking a balance between simplicity and excitement.

it's a joker

A Halloween Treat: Unraveling the Theme

Originally unveiled during the Halloween season, It’s a Joker blends the familiarity of a fruit pokie with a horror twist. The introduction of a sinister joker symbol, reminiscent of a character from a horror movie, creates an atmospheric experience that lingers long after the reels stop spinning.

The production values are commendable, ensuring a visually engaging experience. Beyond the eerie joker, players can anticipate a standard array of symbols, maintaining a thematic balance.

Game Dynamics: Calculating the Thrills

It’s a Joker is a video pokie game with a medium-high volatility level that offers an official 400x jackpot. While not colossal, this aligns with the expectations for 3×3 pokies. The minimum bet starts at 0.25, accommodating casual players and low rollers. The maximum bet caps at 7.5.

Notably, It’s a Joker boasts a noteworthy theoretical RTP of 96.98%, surpassing industry standards. This enhances the appeal for players seeking a fair and rewarding math model.

it's a joker gameplay
it's a joker paytable

Symbolic Payouts: Decoding the Paytable

For a win, align 3 matching symbols on one or more of the 5 paylines. The paytable unfolds as follows:

  • Joker Wilds: 16x your bet
  • Boxes/Jokers: 10x your bet
  • Boxes: 5x your bet
  • Sevens: 4x your bet
  • Grapes: 3x your bet
  • Cherries: 1.4x your bet
  • Lemons: 1.2x your bet
  • Plums: 1x your bet
  • Oranges: 0.8x your bet
  • Bells: 0.4x your bet

The Joker Wild symbol emerges as a potent symbol, not just in its eerie allure but also for its significant payouts and the ability to substitute for other symbols.

Unlocking Bonus Features: A Journey Beyond the Reels

Brace yourself for unexpected thrills with the random Bonus feature. Out of nowhere, a bonus Joker Wild can materialize at the center of the board, injecting a surge of excitement.

Free Spins & Win Multipliers

Unlike conventional setups, It’s a Joker introduces free spins and win multipliers without hiding behind special symbols. Two bonus reels spin with each press of the Spin button. The left reel can grant up to 5 free spins, while the right reel delivers a win multiplier, soaring up to 25x.

Chasing the Elusive Jackpot: Maximum Winning Potential

The absence of progressive jackpots is compensated by the potential for substantial wins. The official 400x jackpot might seem modest, but the combination of free spins and win multipliers opens avenues for larger-than-life payouts, surpassing the typical expectations for 3×3 pokies.

Conclusion: Embrace the Darkness

In conclusion, It’s a Joker emerges as a captivating addition to Felix Gaming’s collection, weaving horror elements seamlessly into the familiar landscape of a fruit game. The marriage of simplicity, enticing visuals, and a medley of bonus features positions this game as a standout choice for those seeking both eeriness and excitement. As you spin the reels, venture into the darkness and let the haunting allure of the joker unfold a thrilling gaming experience. The stage is set, and the joker awaits to reveal the secrets that lurk in the shadows.