Inferno Diamonds

Dive into the world of excitement with Inferno Diamonds, a cutting-edge video pokie game released by Fugaso on 27/02/2023. In this review, we uncover the game's nuances, ranging from its bonus features to symbols, RTP, volatility, and much more. Get ready for an in-depth journey into the heart of the gameplay.

inferno diamonds

Decoding RTP and Volatility

Unravelling the intricacies of Inferno Diamonds requires a closer look at its statistical makeup. Boasting a robust RTP of 92%, augmented by an additional 4.50% for the jackpot feature, the game delivers an impressive overall RTP of 96.50%. Coupled with medium volatility, players can anticipate a balanced blend of successful spins and engaging gameplay.

Immersing in the Theme

Immerse yourself in the classic allure of Inferno Diamonds, a pokie machine adorned with timeless symbols such as stars, cherries, lemons, watermelons, 7s, BARs, bells, and, of course, diamonds. The dark brownish backdrop sets the stage for an elegant reel display, complemented by a delightful musical backdrop. Let’s delve into the array of regular and special symbols that define the aesthetic appeal of Inferno Diamonds.

inferno diamonds gameplay
inferno diamonds paytable

Symbolic Delights: Regular and Special

Step into the realm of classic casino aesthetics with Inferno Diamonds. Adorned with timeless symbols such as stars, cherries, lemons, watermelons, 7s, BARs, bells, and diamonds, the game presents a visual treat. Against a dark brownish backdrop, the reels come to life, accompanied by a melodic soundtrack with captivating beats. Let’s delve deeper into the symbols that define the charm of Inferno Diamonds.

Regular Symbols:

  • 7s
  • Stars
  • BARs
  • Lemons
  • Watermelons
  • Cherries

Special Symbols:

Wild Symbols: Represented as burning diamonds, these symbols serve as versatile substitutes for all regular symbols, completing winning combinations.

Scatter Symbols: Crafted as yellow bells, the scatter symbols add an extra layer of excitement to the game.

Missing Bonuses, Embracing Jackpots

While Inferno Diamonds eschews traditional bonus rounds and free spins, it introduces an enticing jackpot feature that elevates the thrill. Players can chase after three distinct jackpots, each offering a pathway to substantial profits:

  • Mini Jackpot
  • Midi Jackpot
  • Maxi Jackpot

Surprisingly, there’s no need to align specific symbols to trigger jackpots; instead, the key lies in strategic real cash spins. The higher the stakes, the greater the likelihood of securing a jackpot, adding an element of strategic gameplay to the mix.

Inferno Diamonds: Where Elegance Meets Excitement

As you delve into the captivating world of Inferno Diamonds, every spin becomes an opportunity to seize the diamond-crusted adventure that awaits. From its refined aesthetics to the strategic pursuit of jackpots, the game strikes a delicate balance between elegance and excitement. Immerse yourself in the thrill, decode the strategies, and let the diamonds guide you towards a gaming experience unlike any other. Inferno Diamonds beckons – are you ready to embrace the fire within?