Frutta Stuff

Indulge in the visual feast of the Frutta Stuff online pokie, where the reels are adorned with a kaleidoscope of brightly coloured fruit symbols, blenders, and spoons. This desktop and mobile game promises a delightful experience filled with vanishing symbols, wild substitutions, and free spins. With a theoretical RTP of 96.81%, Frutta Stuff aims to be your ticket to fruity fortunes, offering a chance to scoop wins of up to 14,067x your stake.

Frutta Stuff

Navigating the Reels: How to Play Frutta Stuff Online

Navigate the fruity reels easily on the desktop using the SPACE and ENTER keys. Understand key actions to enhance your gaming:

  • Start Icon: Initiates the game, with spin count displayed during autoplay.
  • Speed Up Icon: Accelerates the animation pace.
  • Options Icon: Reveals gameplay-affecting options.
  • Information Icon: Unfolds the information page, your guide to the fruity realm.
  • + and – Icons: Adjust your bet and open the bet menu for denomination changes.
  • Autoplay Icon: Activates the automatic play menu for uninterrupted gaming.

Sweet Rewards: Bonuses in Frutta Stuff

SPLASH! Bonus: A Refreshing Transformation

Experience a refreshing Splash! When this bonus activates, it causes symbols on the grid to vanish and be replaced by new ones, potentially creating additional wins. Wild and Scatter symbols stand resilient during this transformation.

LITTLE BLENDER Bonus: Whirlwind Symbolic Transformation

The Little Blender bonus whisks away all symbols on the activated row, making room for fresh symbols that may yield additional wins. Just like the Splash! Bonus, Wild and Scatter symbols maintain their ground.

STRAWBERRY VIBE Bonus: Sticky Sweet Freespins

Indulge in the Strawberry Vibe bonus, gifting you 3 free spins where the strawberry symbol acts as a Sticky Wild. These sticky wilds substitute for any other symbol to create winning lines, lingering on the reel for subsequent spins.

BLENDER TIME Bonus: Whirling Free Spin Fiesta

Unlock 6 free spins with the Blender Time bonus, where each spin sees symbols removed except for spoons and those to their right. The remaining symbols have the potential to generate additional wins. The spoon symbol turns sticky during these spins, shifting randomly to an adjacent pokie.

BLENDER TIME MEGA Bonus: A Mega Whirlwind of Wins

Elevate the excitement with the Blender Time Mega bonus, offering 15 free spins. Just like its counterpart, symbols, except for spoons and those to their right, vanish on each spin. The sticky spoon adds an element of randomness, shifting to an adjacent pokie, and promising a whirlwind of mega wins.

Fruity Finale: Closing Notes on Frutta Stuff

Dive into the juicy world of Frutta Stuff, where vibrant visuals and compelling bonuses create an online pokie experience like no other. With a potential win of 14,067x your stake, this game by Panga Games aims to be your go-to destination for fruity fun. Indulge in the fruity delights, spin the reels, and let the sweet rewards unfold in this flavorful escapade!