Fancy Alice

Get ready for a captivating online pokie game adventure as you immerse yourself in the whimsical world of Fancy Alice by Manna Play. This enchanting pokie game, inspired by the timeless classic novel, boasts premium graphics that transport you down the rabbit hole. Vibrant icons, greenish reel backgrounds, and an animated scene featuring Alice and a mysterious forest clock set the stage for an extraordinary gaming experience.

fancy alice

Fancy Alice – Game Overview

Fancy Alice unfolds across 5 reels and 30 paylines, offering a rich tapestry of ten meticulously designed basic symbols. From delicate butterflies to iconic Wonderland characters, each element contributes to the immersive atmosphere. The hourglass wild symbol serves as your key to unlocking winning combinations.

Symbols and Styles

The symbols and styles embedded in Fancy Alice pay homage to the timeless tale of Alice in Wonderland. From whimsical butterflies to familiar rabbits, each symbol imparts a touch of Wonderland’s magic to your spinning adventure.

Special Symbols

Fancy Alice introduces three special symbols that enhance your gameplay. The scatter, wild, and multiplier symbols work harmoniously, unlocking bonuses and increasing your chances of securing enchanting wins.

fancy alice gameplay
fancy alice paytable

Mobile Compatibility

Manna Play ensures the magic of Fancy Alice extends beyond desktops. Meticulously optimized for both mobile and desktop devices, this game allows you to embark on your Wonderland journey anytime, anywhere.

Fancy Alice Bonus Features

When Wonderland becomes the home of an online pokie game, magical bonuses are a necessity. Fancy Alice delivers precisely that with a couple of excellent bonuses.

Magic Alice

Alice isn’t just a decoration; she’s a magical force. Periodically, she’ll cast a spell, transforming standard symbols into wilds. This feature can occur at any time, giving your winnings a delightful boost.

Free Spins

No online pokie game feels complete without free spins. In Fancy Alice, mushroom bonus symbols unlock this coveted feature. Land three for nine free spins, collect four for 13, and amass five to be rewarded with 20 spins!

Conclusion: Rediscover Wonderland’s Magic

In conclusion, Fancy Alice transcends being merely a pokie game; it’s a journey into Wonderland’s enchanting realm. With its visually stunning design, engaging features, and the promise of multiplied wins, this game invites you to rediscover the timeless magic of Alice’s adventures.