Book of Anunnaki

Book of Anunnaki beckons you to unravel the mysteries of ancient Sumerian secrets through its captivating historical pokie game. Immerse yourself in the allure of a golden book, the scatter symbol that opens the gateway to 15 free spins. Each bonus round introduces a randomly chosen expanding symbol, enhancing the thrill of your archaeological quest. Don't miss the chance to elevate the excitement with the Hyper Jump feature, propelling you past the no-win spins for an intensified gaming experience.

book of anunnaki

Visual Ambiance: A Glimpse into Sumerian Era

While the visual landscape of Book of Anunnaki might not break new ground, it still captivates with its depiction of ancient Sumerian aesthetics. Stepping away from the saturated Ancient Egyptian and Aztec themes, the color palette unveils a spectrum of gold, reds, greens, and lilacs. Detailed game icons showcase meticulous craftsmanship, creating a visual identity that stands out. The backdrop, portraying a Sumerian-era structure with swaying palm fronds, adds depth to the historical narrative.

Bonus Features: Unearthing Treasures in Gameplay

Free Games:

  • The coveted Book Symbol, aligning in sets of three or more, acts as the key to unlocking 15 free games.
  • Embark on the free games adventure with a specially chosen Expanding Symbol, adding an extra layer of excitement to your archaeological journey.
  • Retrigger the free spins by landing another set of three or more Book Symbols, unveiling yet another Expanding Symbol to heighten your chances of monumental wins.


  • For those eager to fast-forward to the thrills, the HyperJump feature becomes the gateway to jumping through multiple spins at once.
  • Activate HyperJump for a seamless journey through no-win spins, propelling you directly to the heart of wins and exclusive features. Experience the acceleration of gameplay without the lull of uneventful spins.

Conclusion: A Historical Odyssey Unfolds

In conclusion, Book of Anunnaki transcends time to offer a compelling historical odyssey. The game’s immersive visuals and enticing bonus features create an engaging tapestry of Sumerian allure. As you navigate the ancient secrets with the golden book as your guide, the potential for significant wins and an adrenaline-fueled experience awaits. Book of Anunnaki stands not only as a pokie game but as a portal to an era steeped in mystique and hidden treasures. Embark on your archaeological journey, uncover the secrets, and let the reels of history spin in your favor.