Big Max Pots and Pearls

Explore the latest sensation in Swintt's Premium Games collection with Big Max Pots and Pearls, a 5x3 video pokie machine designed to deliver thrilling wins. Amidst the traditional fruit symbols, this game introduces a rich assortment of features, including Wilds, Mystery Prizes, and 50 fixed paylines, promising players to secure up to 1,080 times their bet.

Big Max Pots and Pearls from Swintt

Dive into Mystery with the Bonus Round

Mystery Bonus Unleashed

Trigger the allure of mystery by aligning 3 Bonus Symbols and unlocking the Mystery Bonus. A suspenseful choice of a diamond reveals mystery prizes, ranging from x30, x60, to an impressive x100, all multiplied by the ongoing bet. This captivating feature adds an element of surprise to every spin.

Chasing Treasures: The Pearl Feature

Discovering Special Pearls

Embrace the excitement by accumulating 6 or more Pearls to activate the Pearl Feature. Within this feature, players encounter four distinct pearls: MINOR, MAJOR, MAXI, and MEGA pearls. While MINOR and MAJOR pearls exclusively contribute during the Pearl Feature, MAXI and MEGA prizes are accessible at all times.

  • MINOR Pearl: Yields 5 times the bet and is attained with 1x MINOR pearl.
  • MAJOR Pearl: Rewards 25 times the bet and is secured with 1x MAJOR pearl.
  • MAXI Pearl: Bestows 250 times the bet and can be obtained with 1x MAXI pearl.
  • MEGA Pearl: Grants an impressive 500 times the bet and requires 3x MEGA pearls.

Pearl Feature Dynamics

As 6 or more Pearl Symbols align, the Pearl Feature unfolds. Pearls adhere to the reels throughout this feature, with each new Pearl resetting the spins to 3. The feature concludes when all spins are played or all positions are adorned with Pearls. Post-feature, the cumulative Pearl values amplify the bet, unveiling the final win. Possible Pearl values include 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1, all multiplied by the bet. Filling all positions with pearls triggers a special x2 multiplier, excluding the MAXI and MEGA jackpots.

Reviewing the Jackpot Adventure

Beyond the Retro Facade

Though Big Max Pots and Pearls initially presents itself as a classic fruit pokie, it conceals many features beneath its surface. The game ensures an engaging session with various elements that promise excitement throughout. The highlight—the jackpot feature—adds an extra layer of thrill for pokie enthusiasts.

Catering to Classic Tastes

However, it’s important to note that the retro theme may only resonate with some players. Additionally, the varying RTP ranges and a modest maximum win might limit its appeal, making it more tailored for those who cherish classic-themed pokies.

Final Verdict: A Jackpot-Infused Classic

In essence, Big Max Pots and Pearls proves to be more than meets the eye. Beyond its retro exterior lies a feature-rich pokie offering moments of anticipation and thrill. While the game might not be universally appealing due to its theme and specific payout dynamics, those who appreciate classic pokies with a jackpot twist will surely find this Swintt creation an enthralling addition to their gaming repertoire. Dive into the world of Big Max Pots and Pearls and explore the treasures hidden within its reels!