Amigo Multifruits

Welcome to the radiant universe of Amigo Gaming, now aglow with neon lights! Immerse yourself in the vibrant spectacle of glowing symbols and uncover the electrifying gameplay that awaits. In this exploration, we'll unveil the intricacies of the Amigo Multifruits pokie game, guiding you through its captivating features and neon-infused design.

amigo multifruits

Navigating the Reels: How to Play Amigo Multifruits

The gameplay of Amigo Multifruits is designed for simplicity and excitement. Follow these steps to dive into the neon adventure:

  1. Choose Your Stake: Click on the coin image in the bottom bar or use the settings item to select your desired bet.
  2. Start the Reels: Click the Spin button on the right-hand side to set the vibrant reels in motion.
  3. Autoplay Option: Opt for convenience with the autoplay function, initiating 5 automatic spins for a hands-free experience.
  4. Winning Combinations: Land a combination of at least 3 identical symbols to secure your winnings, calculated based on the payout table.

Layout and Betting Range

Amigo Multifruits boasts a 5×4 layout with 50 paylines, providing ample opportunities for wins. The game accommodates various player preferences with a minimum bet of 0.50 and a maximum bet of 500,000, catering to both casual players and high rollers alike.

A Neon Symphony: Theme and Symbols

Experience a modern twist on the classic fruit machine theme with Amigo Multifruits’ vibrant neon-style design. The reels unfold against a backdrop of lush foliage, accompanied by slow jazz music and dynamic sounds during winning combinations. The game showcases a spectrum of colorful symbols, featuring traditional fruits and iconic symbols like gold bells, BAR variants, and the red seven.

Valuable Symbols

Discover the value in each symbol, ranging from mandarins, lemons, and plums to cherries, watermelon, and grapes. Gold bells, various BAR variants, and the wild symbol hold significant worth, offering payouts that elevate the excitement.

Bonus Rounds and Free Spins: Elevating the Thrills

Trigger the free spins round by collecting 3 or more scatter symbols, unveiling 10 free spins with a multiplier that escalates with each bonus retrigger. The available multipliers range from 2x to an enticing 10x, enhancing the potential for substantial winnings. Additional free spins can be secured by collecting 3 or more scatter symbols during the prize game.

Neon Jackpot Delight

Experience a surge in your game balance with the Neon Jackpot, activated by the simultaneous appearance of 20 wild symbols on the reels. This dazzling feature awards a payout of 500x total bets, adding a neon-lit thrill to your gameplay.

Maximize Wins: Strategies for Success

To maximize your winnings in Amigo Multifruits, leverage the free spins feature, providing extra chances for lucrative outcomes. Additionally, keep a keen eye on the wild symbols, the key to activating the Neon Jackpot. Accumulate 20 wild symbols to unveil a jackpot payout of 500x, enhancing your potential for significant wins.

Conclusion: Neon Adventures Await

As we conclude our journey through the brilliance of Amigo Multifruits, it’s evident that this pokie game transcends traditional boundaries. The neon-infused adventure, coupled with innovative features, creates an enticing gameplay experience that beckons players into a world of vibrant possibilities.

For those yearning for a pokie game experience that blends nostalgia with modern thrills, Amigo Multifruits stands as a beacon of neon-lit excitement. With its dynamic features, free spins, and Neon Jackpot, every spin becomes a journey into the electrifying unknown.