Winning at Roulette – A Game of Skill or A Game of Luck?

Last week, in a Vegas casino, a gambler walked up to a Roulette table. With an intense look, he threw a large stack of $100 chips on number 36. He took a long pause for the ball to be stable and picked up $3,500 winnings. Walked off with a smile.”

roulette game of skill game of luck

Was it the game of just luck or skill? Well, if you have the same query, then, here is what you need to know about the Roulette game.

Most of the worldwide popular casino games are based on pure luck. But the majority of the players believe, not only luck but skill and certain strategies play a big role in the Roulette game. In which pocket the ball will land- can be predicted with data analysis, gaming experience, and expertise. However, some people are just plain lucky to win a handful. 

Do these strategies work or just a hype? Scroll down to have a clear picture. 

How Does the Game of Roulette Work?

First, you need to understand the game and the role of that little wheel to keep all stuff into account. 

Two types of Roulette are popular among the hardcore gamblers – European Roulette and American Roulette. 

European Roulette

Online roulette wheel has 37 pockets marked with numbers from “1” to “36” and a green pocket with the number “0”. You will have 3 choices to place a bet- on a colour, on a number, on a section of the Roulette wheel, or a group of numbers. Then, the croupier rolls the ball or spins the wheel in order to determine the winner based on the final position of the ball. If the ball lands on your number or colour, you will win a handsome amount. 

American Roulette

The gameplay of American Roulette is quite similar to European Roulette. It deviates a little bit when it comes to pocket “0”. American Roulette has two green zero pockets. Hence, the probability of winning decreases by a certain percentage.

Do the Old-School Tricks Work?

Casino players have come up with different tricks and strategies over time. They compelled Roulette odds to work on their favour and turned the table. One of the most renowned tricks is Roulette Betting Progression.  It was considered to be logical, though later found to have many drawbacks. 

Why? Say, you are at a Spanish online casino and bet one chip in red colour. If you win, you will get back two chips. Now, as per this strategy, if you lose, you must bet on red again with two chips. In case you lose again, bet four chips on red. You have to keep doubling your chips and place a bet on the same position each time you lose the game. Eventually, the ball will land on the red colour once. 

But it’s a vague trick as no matter how many times the ball lands on the black pocket the probability of falling it into opposite pockets is the same. Even if the ball goes into the black pocket 100 times, chances will remain the same. 

Hence, there is enormous uncertainty. Either you will win, or a point will come when you will run out of money or cross the table’s limit. You will no longer be able to place a bet in the latter case. 

So, you must avoid this strategy and believe in your luck

Is There Any Trick to Trust?

According to the expert gamblers, the real trick is to stay in between two extremes. You can make your own strategies by playing in different methods. Although, the Roulette wheel will never mercy your trick in the long run. 

Many players think, there is a lower chance of the ball hitting number 1,2,3, or 4 rather than numbers 32, 28, 17, or 20. But, all numbers have equal chances to get the ball landed after the spin. 

So the best strategy is to have fun, enjoy and hope to have the Fortuna on your side while playing Roulette. You never know, when your luck smiles upon you and hand you a big surprise. So, happy spinning there.