Tips on How to Count Cards in Blackjack

Blackjack is an evergreen casino game and has remained popular in the online gambling world. The game can be enjoyed by beginners as well as Blackjack experts. Among well-known betting strategies, card counting is a frequently used method by players across casinos. To count cards in Blackjack is not a very complex method, this can be used by any level of player to improve winning chances regardless of the Blackjack variant it is used in.

how to count cards in blackjack

What Is Meant by Card Counting?

If you want to learn how to count cards in Blackjack, first you would require understanding what is card counting all about. Card counting is a technique used by Blackjack players to shift the odds in their favour. It is a mathematical method where the 10s, Aces and picture cards can benefit the players more while the cards from 2’s to 6’s benefit the dealer. 7s, 8s and 9’s are neutral. 

With this method, players usually increase their stakes at a time whenever they have the advantage. Contrastingly, when the dealer has the advantage, the player will make a smaller bet or choose not to bet. Card counting can give players an edge over the casino by changing bets. 

How to Count Cards in Blackjack Games?

Now that you know what card counting means, here’s how to count cards in Blackjack. The simple process goes as follows:

  • As the player, you assign a positive number tag such as +1 to every card ranked from 2-6 and -1 to every card from 10 – Ace.
  • You should begin your count only after the dealer shuffles the cards. Add the tags to every card that is taken out from the deck. 
  • After each round, if your on-going count is positive, you cards which aren’t dealt have a higher value in large cards and this suggests you increase your bet size. 
  • If the on-going count is negative after each round, the cards which aren’t dealt yet have a higher value in smaller cards; it is recommended that you decrease your bet size at this instance. So, you bet more on the positive count and lesser when the count is negative. 

It’s essential to closely watch every card when counting them. When you count cards in Blackjack, remember that the count after the shuffle always begins with a zero. So, if the first player has a 3, 6 and 10 for 19 and decides to stand, the counter player would add 1 for the 3 value card, one more for the 6 value card and subtract one for the 10 value card. This means that the on-going count is +1. The counter player will keep adding tags of every card per hand including that of the dealer’s hand until the round completes. Based on the number of cards that have been played, if the on-going count is positive, the counter player will have the advantage on the following round and can accordingly bet more. 

When the count is negative, the counter player knows there’s no advantage and should bet a smaller amount in the next round. Card counters keep counting the tags of every card from the forthcoming round and accordingly adjust their bets based on whether the on-going count is negative or positive. 

Whatever technique you use in a game of Blackjack or any other casino game, it’s wise to follow your instincts and always set a budget for yourself when gambling. For players interested in exploring more on how to count cards in Blackjack, there are tools such as the Interactive Card Counting Trainer software available in the market. These tools don’t require any specific skill but could offer players an edge over the casino when trying a hand at Blackjack. Remember, that no method is 100% accurate and any technique such as count cards in Blackjack or strategy can only boost your opportunities.