Some Fascinating Facts about Casinos and Gambling

People who are not really into gambling consider casinos as space where the wealthy and free gamblers (who are blessed with plenty of free time and have the calibre to spend) gather. And there is nothing wrong with these facts about casinos. But there is much more to casinos than what you think. Whether you are a pro at gambling or you have got from little to no experience in this realm, here are some exciting facts about Canadian casinos that will amaze you for sure. Let’s have a look:

fascinating facts about casino and gambling

Gambling Is Prohibited in Japan Except in a Few Casinos

In Japan, casinos and any gambling activity are banned for the public. However, the Japanese are expected to get the gambling experience in the near future when 3 integrated casinos will be established in the country. The public will be allowed to hit these casinos (but only once a week). Moreover, there is a certain entrance fee that the gamblers will need to pay in order to get entry to the resort.

Casinos Are Open to the People of All Races, Sex, and Gender Since 1955

In the 1950s, Las Vegas was considered to be one of the most popular casinos but only to the White people. The casino wouldn’t allow any black individual who represented the African nationality to enter. However, a new casino namely Moulin Rouge was opened in the year 1955. This casino was an interracial casino and was known for welcoming people of all nationality, color, gender, and caste. Even though the casino didn’t perform well and the owner had to shut it down within 3-4 months, it was marked as the starting point of a new interracial period.

Smoke-Free Casinos Are Less Likely to Hire Ambulance Services

Though a majority of the casinos have prohibited smoking, there are some clubs where smoking is allowed. The surveys conducted by the University of California for this matter discovered the unsurprising health results. In fact, the number of calls to the ambulance services had seen a major drop by 20-25 percent in the smoke-free casinos than the resorts where smoking wasn’t banned.

Lotteries Are Literally Banned in Nevada

It is pretty surprising to say that Nevada, which is known as the Gambling capital of the globe, have lottery games prohibited for the gamblers. Regardless of the fact that lotteries can actually benefit the country’s economy by generating taxes and boosting the state’s revenue, lotteries are forbidden. In addition to Nevada, lotteries are banned in a few more countries namely Alaska, Mississippi, Alabama, Utah, and Hawaii.

These were some unknown facts about casinos you might have never heard before.