Double Exposure Blackjack 101: Everything You Need To Know

Blackjack is one of the most sought games in the casino world. If you are an ardent fan of the game, you must have played several variants. Double Exposure Blackjack is one such form of the Blackjack that makes the game more compelling and addictive.

double exposure blackjack 101 guide

As the name suggests, the major catch here is dealer gets both the cards face-up. That sounds pretty easy, right? Well, that will be the case if the rest of the game followed the same rule as classic Blackjack. However, it doesn’t, and that’s why it stands out.

Rudimentary Rules of Double Exposure Blackjack

Just like classic Blackjack, this game also starts with placing a bet on the table. Bets usually start from $1 and can go up to thousands. After placing the bets, you will get the first two cards, and the dealer will get his. The game continues unless you have a natural combination of 21 value hand, an ace, and a 10 value card. This combination is known as Blackjack. If you have any other value, you have to make the next move.

  • Hit: When you need one more card in your hand
  • Stand: If you think you have a good hand in the first two cards and any additional card may result in a bust
  • Double down: In case, you have an opening hand of hard 9,10 or 11, and you think you require only one card to win the bet. This move doubles your bet, so it is quite a risky move
  • Split: Provided that you get a pair of the same ranked initial card then you are allowed to split them into two separate hands and call for a second card for each
  • Your chances of winning boost up only when you have a higher value in your hand than the dealer’s hand. This value shouldn’t be greater than 21.
  • The probability of losing increases when the dealer has a higher value card than you, but less than 21 or both you and the dealer have the same total value.
  • It is a push when you and the dealer both have tied blackjacks. In this scenario, you don’t win anything, but you get the wager back.

Significant Contrast of Double Exposure Blackjack

The main difference of this game with the mother game is how cards are dealt by the dealer. Instead of having one face-up card and one face-down card, the dealer gets both cards face-up. Hence the name came to existence.

This policy would give you an upper hand if it were standard Blackjack. However, casinos need to make sure of earning money; hence, other differences were created.


To balance the odds in favour of casinos, the payout structure is entirely different in this game. If you win instead of paying 3 to 2, it pays 1 to 1. Additionally, there are no insurance options available. So you always win 1 to 1 irrespective of the winning margin.

Push or Tie

Remember push, the rescuer of your bet in a tied situation? Well, forget about it. Unless both you and the dealer are drawing natural Blackjack, you will lose on every push.

Basic Strategies You Should Know

As you have already learned the rules and embark on playing Double Exposure Blackjack, then, you should keep a couple of beginner’s strategy in your mind

Hit If the Dealer Has a 19 or 20

If you want to beat the dealer’s 19 or 20 value hand, you have to get 20 or 21. So always hit to fancy your chances unless you have a higher value hand

Hit If You Have an 11 or Less

It’s impossible to get busted with an extra card when you have 11 or lower. If you stand with it, the chances are higher to lose.

Double Down for an 11 or Lower Hand If the Dealer Has Anything Between 14 to 16

A double down at this point means the dealer has to hit. Chances are, he will get busted leaving you the winner of the bet even with a lower hand like 14.

Never Split a 10 Except the Dealer Possess a Hard 13 to 16

It is more likely that you will win with a 20 value hand than making a winning combination out of two 10 value hands. 

That’s All!

Most of the time, this game can make you think you have a stronger hand than the dealers. This is because you can see the dealer’s hand. However, you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by this fact. Stick to your strategies and be confident about your moves. You will have a good time.