The Ultimate Blackjack Strategy

When playing a game of Blackjack on an online casino platform, it helps to have some backing by way of a blackjack strategy. The decisions that drive the type and amount of bets you place should be based on some analytical thinking. This is true if you want to manage your funds better and also to enjoy more success that failure when placing bets. In this article, you will actually be given an insight into four strategies that you can adopt in your quest to be a professional Blackjack player or just a highly successful one.

ultimate blackjack strategy guide

Blackjack Strategy #1 – Double Down On Hard 11 Always

There is a greater likelihood that you will earn higher payouts when you Double Down on Hard 11. This should be against the upward facing card of the dealer. Doubling Down on Hard 11 beats hitting in every Blackjack game. The exception to this rule is when a player is playing a Blackjack game with multiple playing card decks and the rules state that on a soft 17 the dealer has to stand. In this scenario, the best blackjack strategy for a player would be to hit against the Ace held by a dealer instead of Doubling Down.

Blackjack Strategy #2 – Split Pairs Of Aces And 8s At All Times

One blackjack strategy that players should adopt is to split pairs of Aces and 8s at all times. This is also despite the upward facing card held by a dealer. However, a good majority of players will not split their pair of 8s especially if the upward facing card of the dealer is an Ace, 9 or 10. The reason for this is that a lot of players reckon that since they are in a tight situation, it would not be “wise” to split their pair of 8s and in effect bet more funds. However, what many players fail to realise is that by splitting their pair of 8s in this situation they will be playing a couple of hands with each one having an 8. This is instead of playing a single hand with 16 and then hitting. With two hands you will lose less funds than with a single hand when up against a dealer’s Ace, 9 or 10.

Blackjack Strategy #3 – Keep Pairs Of 5s And 10s

You should always keep pairs of 5s and 10s and not split them. Having a pair of 5s is equivalent to a hard 10. It is better for you to accept a single or multiple cards draw to your hard 10 instead of having your pair of the 5s split. If you split your pair of 5s, you will have two hands with each of the hands beginning with 5. You are more likely to see players split their pair of 10s. However, by keeping your pair of 10s to make 20, you have a play that could result in a win more often than not. Remember that a Blackjack is 21 and the objective is to have a higher hand than the dealer. With a hand of 20, you are more likely to win a game. This is surely a strategy worth noting.

Blackjack Strategy #4 – Hit Hard 12

When a dealer’s upward facing card is either a 2 or a 3 and you have a hard 12, you should always hit. Unfortunately, many players tend to stand on 12 for the fear of busting. While against the dealer’s upward facing card of 2 or 3 will more often than not lead to some loss of funds in the long run regardless of whether you hit or stand. However, the funds you will lose by hitting would be less than that if you stand. This is true even when you stand the risk of a bust, making hitting on a hard 12 against the dealer’s 2 or 3 upward facing card a smart blackjack strategy.

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