Rumble Rhino

Rumble Rhino is a thrilling slot game from Pariplay that takes players on an adventure over the African savanna. The game's action takes place in Africa, offering many exciting additional elements in addition to powerful rhinos, gigantic giraffes, and hunting cheetahs. These include free spins, additional multipliers, and symbols with unknown meanings. And if you're feeling lucky and decide to play for real money, you could even win some cash prizes to put toward the cost of your vacation overseas! This game also has a charitable component; the developer, Pariplay, announced that it would give 10% of the earnings gained from the game to Save the Rhino International, which is an admirable gesture.

rumble rhino

Rumble Rhino Game Features

It should come as no surprise that the Rumble Rhino online slot game includes a variety of exotic creatures, the likes of which you are likely to see on a regular safari. The standard playing cards, from J to A, are gorgeously decorated with tribal motifs and make up the beginning of the lower end of the price range. In descending order of their worth, the high-value symbols are, from lowest to highest: a snake, a bird, a giraffe, a zebra, a cheetah, and a gorilla.

The fearsome rhinoceros serves as the game’s wild sign, and it may take the place of any other symbol, even a pay symbol. Only reels one and six can have scatter symbols, which look like complicated tiles with the word “bonus” written across them. Scatters can only appear on those two reels. The Rumble Rhino slot machine features a mystery symbol resembling a traditional tribal mask.

Rumble Rhino game

The reels are dark, almost reddish-brown, while the symbols show well-known creatures native to Africa. Included in this category are zebras, giraffes, and cheetahs. These animals are the game’s high-paying symbols, so watch for them.

Playing cards symbolize the low-paying symbols, but even the numbers on the cards have been changed to be consistent with the game’s overall theme. Each letter has been embellished with African designs, primarily red and yellow, containing geometric shapes.

Bonus Features

Discovering the game’s secret extra features, such as the bonus game that the scatter symbol may activate, is one of the challenges presented to you in this game. If this occurs, you will be sent to a different game in which there are 24 diamonds displayed on the screen. You will be presented with various diamonds and asked to choose them until you locate three identical icons. Once you accomplish so, you will be awarded a random extra feature. 

Free Spins

This game does not ensure that players will receive free spins, but it does provide the possibility of doing so. This is because the bonus game is the only place where you may win free spins, and the rewards in the bonus game are selected at random. Therefore, it is possible to play a few games without earning any free spins; nevertheless, there is a chance that you will win 50 free spins in the bonus game, which is a fascinating possibility.

How to Play

Rumble Rhino is a video slot game that has 6 reels in a pattern of 3-4-4-4-4-3, and there are 100 fixed pay lines in the game’s main game. During the free spins round, the total number of pay lines drops to only 40. Symbols next to one another from left to right will result in a payout. Your safari may be accessed on your laptop or mobile device for a price ranging from 1.00 to 50 cents. When you strike five symbols that match throughout the reels, you will earn a prize equal to 0.6 and 5 times your original wager.

The control panel will let you to determine a coin value and a bet level before you begin playing. This must be done before you can begin playing. There is quite a bit of variety in the bet level, which varies from 1.00 all the way up to 50, but keep in mind that there are 100 fixed paylines in the main game, and your bet level should match that.

Rumble Rhino On Mobile

This game may be played on mobile devices as well as tablets. Both are supported. This is because the game has been optimized to work on all platforms; hence, all you need to do to begin playing is load the game into your device and press play.

The visuals are equally brilliant and bright, and the action does not glitch or freeze while you are playing on mobile devices. The game also looks pretty good on desktop computers. However, it may stop working if your battery is low or if your internet connection is poor. Because of this, we recommend that you either have a fully charged battery and a strong WiFi connection or wait until you are at home to start spinning the reels. Because you can use your WiFi and charger when you are playing at home, there is no possibility that the game will stop working for you.

Rumble Rhino Review Summary

Rumble Rhino is an entertaining game with some elements that set it apart. The visuals are breathtaking; we adore the colour palette, and the entire setting brings to mind Disney’s The Lion King. Because it is so generous, the bonus game is one of our favourites. After all, who wouldn’t want fifty free spins? However, the fact that it can only be activated once is disappointing. If you successfully start this function, you should utilize it to its full potential.