Rise of Ra

Embark on a journey where the blessing of the pharaohs unfolds, not as a curse but as a gateway to untold treasures. "Rise of Ra" transcends the gaming realm, offering features and rewards as enchanting as the mysteries of Ancient Egypt. Lavish graphics set the stage for an immersive experience, complemented by an exclusive bonus scheme that introduces Free Spins adorned with a win multiplier and the chance of a lucrative retrigger. Yet, the true luminary is the Progressive Jackpot, gracing those fortunate enough to align 5 Wild symbols on a payline, with an even grander reward during Free Spins.

Rise of Ra

The Legend of Ancient Gods Beckons

In the pursuit of untold wealth, fueled by the legend that Ancient Egyptian Gods rest alongside their treasures, “Rise of Ra” beckons treasure hunters to the burial tombs of the Sun God Ra. Immerse yourself in a quest for Treasure Chests and ancient artifacts, each carrying substantial worth in the antiquities markets. The legend comes to life on your favourite iPad or tablet, accommodating varied budgets through diverse credit and credit-bet combinations.

Versatile Platforms: Seamless Gaming Across Devices

Experience the allure of “Rise of Ra” seamlessly on mobile and desktop platforms. The game adapts to your chosen device, allowing you to explore the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, whether you’re on the move or indulging in a gaming session at home.

Gameplay Unleashed: Features at a Glance

Delve into the gameplay intricacies of “Rise of Ra,” where each spin unveils a rich tapestry of features:

  • Scatter Symbol: Unleash the power of the Scatter symbol, paving the way for exciting bonuses and Free Spins.
  • Wild Symbol: Encounter the Wild symbol, a key player in aligning winning combinations.
  • Free Spins Multiplier x3: Elevate the thrill with Free Spins adorned with a win multiplier of x3, promising substantial rewards.
  • Gamble Feature: For the daring, the Gamble Feature presents an opportunity to amplify winnings by predicting outcomes.

Key Features: Tailoring Your Experience

Experience the flexibility of “Rise of Ra” with key features that allow you to tailor your gameplay:

  • Autoplay: Set the stage for uninterrupted play with the Autoplay feature.
  • Turbospin and Quick Spin: Accelerate the excitement with Turbospin and Quick Spin options.
  • Multi-denomination: Customize your bets with ease through the Multi-denomination feature.
  • Battery Saver Mode and Left Hand Mode: Enhance your gaming experience with Battery Saver Mode and Left Hand Mode, catering to diverse preferences.
Rise of Ra gameplay
Rise of Ra paytable

Progressive Jackpot: Symbol-Driven Grandeur

Unveil the pinnacle of rewards with the symbol-driven Progressive Jackpot seamlessly integrated into the base game. A stroke of luck aligning 5 Wild symbols on a payline unfolds a jackpot experience, further magnified during the Free Spins round.

In the realm of “Rise of Ra,” the blessing of the pharaohs transcends mere gameplay—it becomes an odyssey through Ancient Egypt’s wonders, mysteries, and the allure of grand rewards. Explore, unravel, and embrace the fortune that awaits as you rise with Ra.