Prime Zone

Prime Zone is a top-tier video slot game provided by Quickspin that provides unique bonus rounds and other gameplay elements. These time-honoured symbols are set against a backdrop of cutting-edge features, including wild multipliers and a selection of free games featuring varying levels of volatility. This game has an RTP of 96.28%.

prime zone

Prime Zone is an online slot game with a throwback, 1980s-inspired theme that transports players back in time. The fact that the game includes various engaging additional features, including multiplier wilds and free spins, contributes to the game’s exceptionally high payoff potential.

Prime Zone Game Features

Although the symbols may be classic, the reels of the Prime Zone slot game are set in a chrome-effect surround, and the background has palm trees and tall buildings. It might be Miami Beach or San Diego Beach, but regardless of where it is, it lends an inviting and friendly atmosphere to the game.

Raise the volume on your computer, mobile device (iOS or Android), or both to get the most out of the upbeat music. The reviewers of the Prime Zone slot machine couldn’t stop singing the catchy music in their minds even after they had finished playing the game. It’s all a question of personal preference, but it’s something different from the typical jingles and mechanical noises that tend to go along with most conventional slot games.

Although the setting and music of the Prime Zone online slot demonstrate some creativity, the symbols are about as traditional as possible. There have been several previous occurrences of the four suits of playing cards: the golden bell, the diamond, and the blue and red 7s. Despite this, these time-honoured symbols continue to have a place in the hearts of spinners worldwide.

How to Play

The Prime Zone slot machine from Quickpin features 10 paylines with a betting range extending from 10 coins to 100 coins in total. Therefore, regardless of the size of your financial commitment, you will still have a fantastic experience spinning the reels on this game.

You can set the reels to spin automatically up to a thousand times, but before you activate this function, you must pick the Advanced option to establish limitations on how much you may win or lose. If you want to save time getting to the game’s outcomes, turning on the rapid play mode will reduce each spin’s time to around a second.

When playing the base games, a winning combination is achieved when three or more instances of the same symbol appear on any of the 10 pay lines running from left to right. The club and heart symbols each pay up to 100 times your line bet, while the diamond and spade card suits return five, 25, or 50 times the amount you wagered each line.

Prime Zone Review Summary

The Prime Zone slot game looks good on all devices, so it should attract a diverse group of gamers who enjoy playing slots. However, the wild multipliers are the most essential aspect, which holds for both the standard games and the free spins. If you are fortunate enough to land wild symbols on these reels, your rewards might be increased by a factor of three or more. You can win substantial prizes by participating in the bonus spins.