Planet Rocks

Venture into the vast expanse of space, aiding a curious alien in his quest to find a new planet adorned with vibrant gems. In the Planet Rocks video slot by Felix Gaming, this thrilling journey unfolds across 5 reels and 10 paylines. Brace yourself for an interstellar experience as the small green extraterrestrial occasionally transforms into a stacked wild symbol, enhancing your chances of striking winning combinations. Additionally, seize the opportunity to accumulate up to 25 free spins, activating them at your discretion for prolonged cosmic action.

planet rocks

Cosmic Gameplay and Symbolic Riches

Immerse yourself in the cosmic spectacle of Planet Rocks, where most symbols manifest as vibrant gems. To secure wins, align 3 or more identical symbols across any of the 10 paylines, progressing from the left side. The yellow, green, or red gemstones yield modest wins of 5 coins for a trio on the first 3 reels, escalating to 30 or 100 coins for 4 or 5 gems, respectively. The purple and blue gems command more significant rewards, ranging from 30 to 750 coins. However, the zenith of prizes awaits with a grand white diamond, offering a whopping 3,000 coins for a triumphant appearance on a payline.

Whimsical Wilds and Alien Antics

Meet the endearing alien, the game’s wild symbol, injecting a touch of humor with its somewhat melancholic demeanor. This wide-eyed extraterrestrial, clad in what appears to be a superhero suit, serves as a versatile symbol. Acting as a wild, the alien bridges gaps in winning combinations and extends wins to the right-side reels, amplifying prizes. Keep an eye out for the stacked wild symbol, randomly beamed onto the reels by the flying saucer, or witness the alien’s solo appearances, accompanied by a triumphant shout when completing a winning line.

Free Spins: A Cosmic Odyssey

Planet Rocks introduces a groundbreaking approach to free spins, deviating from the norm seen in many slots. Instead of triggering free spins when specific symbols land in sets of 3 or more, this game employs a Free Spins symbol. Each appearance of the Free Spins icon earns you a singular bonus game. The uniqueness lies in the collection mechanism, residing in a meter at the top right corner. Players wield the power to decide when to activate the accumulated free games, with a maximum of 25 to unleash at will. Changing the bet level prompts the automatic initiation of collected spins, adding a strategic layer to your cosmic odyssey.

planet rocks paytable
planet rocks gameplay

Limitless Betting Adventures

Dive into the cosmic escapade with the flexibility to activate any number of paylines or relish the slot for free. However, to claim wins across all 10 lines, ensure each payline is staked. The entry point for this celestial journey starts at a mere 0.10 credits per spin, accommodating casual gamers. While the maximum wager may ascend to 10.00, limiting appeal to high rollers, this range remains sufficient for the majority of players. The control panel, adorned with peculiar alien-themed buttons, facilitates additional functions. The Auto option enables effortless reel spinning, while a red button toggles the space-invader soundtrack on and off.

Planet Rocks: Where Cosmic Adventures Unfold

Planet Rocks is not merely a slot but an odyssey through celestial wonders. Driven by a commitment to quality, Felix Gaming propels players into a vibrant universe adorned with colourful gems and quirky extraterrestrial encounters. From whimsical wilds to a revolutionary free spins concept, this slot promises an otherworldly gaming experience. As you traverse the cosmic expanse, encountering vibrant symbols and endearing aliens, let the allure of Planet Rocks elevate your slot journey to new heights. Brace yourself for an escapade where the celestial and the comical converge, guaranteeing an unforgettable adventure through the cosmos.