Million Cents

iSoftBet’s throwback slot game with a fruit machine motif offers a top jackpot of one million cents, making Million Cents a game that lives up to its name in every sense of the phrase. The red sevens, cherries, and bar symbols are some of the typical gaming icons found on this slot game’s reels, which lends the game an air of familiarity and gives it a sense of tradition. This game focuses on the enormous prizes that may be obtained on the reels itself, as opposed to free spins or other features like those found in many other five-reel slots.

million cents

You might think that a slot game that uses so many traditional symbols would have an antiquated appearance, but this is different with this particular game. The cherries have the same appearance as they would in any slot game. However, there are two different kinds of seven symbols here: one has flames devouring the seven, and the BAR symbols have been entirely modified to have coins reflect the number of BARs rather than the traditional bar icons. You’ll also discover a lot of coins at both of the top two payout symbols in the game, creating a splash of gold across the reels. This looks particularly striking against the purple backdrop of the game. The video slot game is accompanied by a synthetic song throughout its whole, and the gratifying clunks and clicks of the reels can be heard with each spin of the machine.

Million Cents Game Play

ISoftbet developed this video slot with five reels and a fixed number of twenty win lines, neither of which can be altered by the player. You will select the value of your coin, which may range from one cent to ten cents, and then you will choose one of the five boxes to begin your spin. These boxes are determined by the bet size, which may range anywhere from one to five, so if you select a coin value of one cent, your choices would be twenty, forty, sixty, and eighty.

A large reward of 10,000 coins will be awarded to you if you successfully line up five of the top symbols in a row, and these symbols begin to pay out from two or more appearing on the left side of the screen. The wild sign can substitute for every other symbol in the game except for the 10, 0, and 00 symbols. You have to line up two fortune symbols in a row to earn a payout of 2,000 coins, making it the second highest-paying symbol overall.

Million Cents Game Features

The Wild Millions symbol is the only one that triggers a bonus round, although the Million Wild logo symbol can act as a substitute elsewhere on the reels if you spin it. The maximum payoff is 5,000 coins, equivalent to 10,000 times your maximum bet. You may choose to play for as little as 0.01 coins or as much as 0.10 coins per line despite your bets being set throughout all 20 paylines in the game. If you play the game with the highest possible wager of 100 coins, you will be eligible for the Million Cents bonus.

The fact that it is possible to win the Million Cents jackpot by aligning the 10, 0, and 00 symbols over many lines is, without a doubt, the most intriguing aspect of the Million Cents slot game. The game’s paytable details all potential winning combinations, which vary from receiving one coin for spinning a single 10 to receiving one thousand coins for a variety consisting of tens, tens, zeros, and zeros, and continue up to the top conceivable winning scenario. If you can land a combination of 10 000 000 000 000 (also known as 1 Million) reading left to right over all five reels, then you have successfully won the 10,000 coin jackpot.

Million Cents Review Summary

A wide variety of slot games are available, and most of them all function in a relatively comparable manner. These games all have the customary rotation of the reels and a bonus round that awards free games and one or more features. Nevertheless, this slot game is a clear exception to the rule. iSoftbet should be commended because of the unique approach in which players may win the top reward. This allows for a distinct kind of gaming experience, which is one of the reasons why this feature stands out. Everyone, especially the player who doesn’t like having too many distractions when trying to get that big win, will like playing this slot game.