Mayana is an exciting slot game with a Mayan theme developed by Quickspin. Players who choose to play this slot will be transported to the heart of the Aztec jungle, where they will discover vibrant tribal masks and priceless jewels. In the background is what appears to be a verdant forest with a foggy sky and stone pillars that have engravings on them. This first is a straightforward game due to its structure of three reels and three rows, but after that, the reels transform into a 5×3 grid, giving the impression of a more traditional slot machine. On the other hand, there are multipliers located on the sides of the reels, and they can grow so that there are even more reels.


Players will discover 27 win lines as usual, but this number may expand during the unique re-spin function, creating 243 possibilities for players to win! Additional entertaining elements, such as multiplier prizes, expanding reels, and bonus rounds, can be found in this colourful and exotic online slot. Most players who like games with an exotic theme and many unique additional elements will be interested in playing this jungle adventure.

Mayana Game features

Mayana is a slot machine with a return-to-player percentage of 96.6% with a reel grid configuration of 5 by 3 symbols. Do not be distracted by the game’s theme, as there are 243 different ways to win and loads of rich additional bonuses to uncover as the reels revolve. This offers more chances to win as well as bonus symbols and multipliers.

The players of this fascinating adventure game are transported into a rainforest environment that is packed with images of native people and other wild animals. In keeping with the theme, you will witness leopards, snakes, and birds of prey, and there will also be tribal masks there. You have to decide how much you want to bet before you can start playing. To do this, all you have to do is use the up and down arrows located next to the ‘total bet’ box to change the amount of your wager from the minimum of 0.25 to the maximum of 100 every spin. This is a good betting range that ought to meet the needs of the majority of players.

The gameplay of this game is not simplistic, although it utilizes a straightforward reel style and has some adorable visuals. This game contains many intriguing additional features for the player to uncover, some of which include growing reels and increasing multipliers. It is also possible to win re-spins at specific points throughout the game, which adds a lot of excitement to the experience. These elements guarantee that the gameplay is fascinating right from the start, and it also demonstrates that you don’t need a bonus game if the unique features are intriguing enough on their own.

Other special features

Your time spent playing Mayana will be more entertaining and presumably more profitable due to the game’s several unique features. One of these is the thrilling re-spin function, activated whenever you have a winning spin. After a successful combination, the winning symbols will remain in place on the reels, and you will be awarded a re-spin. During the re-spin, the reels will extend to create an entirely new reel set, and you will earn a multiplier payout of up to three times the size of your initial wager, depending on the number of re-spins you obtain.

On the last spin, the multiplier might reach enormous dimensions, awarding you up to 20 times your wager for a completely extended reel set. This is quite a unique feature, which is not often seen in the world of slots, and it has the potential to impact the rewards you get significantly.\

Bonus Features

You need to be familiar with the unique characteristics of Mayana if you genuinely want to be successful with it. This is because the unique symbols might be utilized to unlock many beneficial supplementary features. For example, after every successful spin, players will be awarded a re-spin, making each and every win more thrilling. During this period, the reels will also extend to display an entirely new reel, and you will also earn a multiplier that may go up to 20x, so this is an excellent possibility for you to walk away with a large cash jackpot!

Win Lines Feature

The connected win lines feature is another unique component of this free Mayana slot game. As a result of this feature, the number of ways to win may increase from a starting number of 27 up to a maximum of 243 different possibilities. Your first base spins are played with 27 pay lines, and the maximum number of pay lines available during your initial re-spin is also 27. On the other hand, if your re-spins go up to 2, you will have 108 opportunities to win in addition to a doubled multiplier. Then, if you get three re-spins, you’ll have 243 different possibilities to win, and those wins will be multiplied by three. The pay lines in this slot game operate peculiarly, and the only way to win a payment is to get at least three matching symbols on reels next to each other.

How to play Mayana

If you are familiar with the layout of other Quickspin games and play those games often, you should be okay with starting with Mayana. The game’s design is quite similar to that of other Quickspin games. However, if you have never played slots before, there are a few things you need to be aware of before you start turning the reels.

Mayana Review Summary

Gamblers are going to have a blast taking advantage of all of the unique features that can be found in Mayana. Extending reels and raising the number of paylines is highly creative, and the re-spins and growing multipliers allow players many more winning possibilities from the same initial spin than would be possible otherwise. Even if there isn’t an additional bonus game, these characteristics are more than enough to keep the game intriguing and can deliver some high-paying outcomes to the Mayan explorers who have the most luck. The jungle setting is always a popular option, and the combination of a tropical backdrop, exotic graphics, and animal symbols may provide a visually appealing and fun game.