Joker Loot

Come along with the infamous Joker on the most crucial robbery of his life. The castle's vaults are bursting to the seams with spectacular wealth, and the cunning con artist is immune to all opposition.
While you wait for the perfect opening to play, you should put any coins you win from the reels into the cash bag. As you progress through the reels, you can increase your prize. When you reach the last reel, you may collect your winnings. Wild Blast symbols will not only contribute to ordinary winnings, which will aid you along the way, but they will also explode, clearing the way for you.

Joker Loot

You must first obtain at least three scatter symbols to enter the bonus round. If there are a more significant number of scatter symbols, then the rewards on the bonus wheel will be of a larger value, and there will be more cash bags available to collect during the free spins. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win riches beyond your wildest dreams. Take caution, move quickly, and rob everyone of their belongings!

Joker Loot Game Features

Cash Boost

The value of a coin will be added to the Cash Hop sign every time it lands in view, regardless of where it landed. It is possible to boost it forever up to the point where the Looting! function is activated.


To activate the Cash Hop feature, you must have a Blank, Multiplier Blank, Cash Boost, or Wild Blast symbol on the first reel in horizontal alignment with the Cash Hop sign. To collect the reward, you must guide it through all of the reels and stop it on the last one.

Free Spins

Free games are triggered by the appearance of three or more scatters. When there are more Scatter symbols, the bonus wheel will provide bigger rewards and more Cash Hop symbols to collect.