Top Casino Trends of 2019 You Must Know

In today’s technology-driven world, online gambling is one of the most amazing markets. More and more people are embracing online casinos as they are technologically advanced and rapidly growing. Nowadays, online casinos guarantee all the features and the variety of games a player can explore in a brick and mortar casino are plenty. Research suggests that there has been a slight drop in the land-based casino markets by 5% in the past few years. Around the same time, online casinos have seen growth by 15%. So, what exactly causes these changes? Well, the latest casino trends play an integral part in the development of an online casino.

top casino trends of 2019

As technology is advancing, casino games developers are leveraging all the opportunities to bring more and more table and slot games in the world. One such casino trends are the mobile casino gaming, which has almost taken over the desktop and land-based gambling industry. Other than that, there are other interesting casino trends as well that every casino fan would love to know. Read on for more.

Robust Security

All credit goes to the hackers, who keep trying new strategies to hack into the online casino system and steal confidential information of the users. That’s the reason why online gaming is getting more and more secure. Casino developers are trying their best to incorporate all the security features to keep the user’s details safe from third-party. The current GDPR laws make it mandatory for all online casino service providers to increase their security features.

So, how exactly can robust security benefit the customers? Well, the new casino system may include efficient mobile logins such as using facial recognition system or fingerprint login. The deposit and withdrawal system may improve as well.

A Wide Variety of Live Casino Gaming

The casino trends of 2019 also include development in a variety of live casino games online gambling industries offer. Ever since the live casino games emerged, the focus of the game developers was limited to Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, and a few more popular games.

Online casinos have seen growth in these past few years, but its development wasn’t as rapid as people had imagined. The requirement of multiple cameras, more staff, and croupiers results in the significant cost of operations. Despite the cost, casino developers are welcoming more latest live casino games to keep their users’ engaged.


Next up on our “top casino trends” list is cryptocurrencies. The good news is that this year the online casino websites are likely to introduce more crypto payment offer than ever before. Crypto payments won’t be limited to Bitcoin. In fact, you can expect Litecoin, Altcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin as well. Cryptocurrencies offer a great benefit to both casino operators and players. It is, by far, the safest payment method. So, it won’t be wrong to say that among all the casino trends, cryptocurrencies is the most significant one.

Crypto is the safest payment option for players because they no more need to link their bank account, credit/debit cards, E-wallets, and other financial information to the casino. However, online casinos that accept cryptocurrency may come across some strict regulations in the coming years. But that’s not a concern for casino players. They can still benefit from this secure payment option.

Virtual Reality

One of the major casino trends in 2019 is Virtual Reality. The virtual reality will make your casino gaming experience the most memorable one you’d have ever had. The people using the VR headset to enter the live casino world can experience playing with competitors. They can choose their seat and compete with the other players to win the game.

This technology is somewhat similar to live casino but it comes with some amazing features that make users feel as if they are actually sitting with the players. Additionally, it is relatively cheaper than live casinos.

Mobile takeover

Everyone has seen how mobile casino took over the casino industry by storm in the past decade. Fortunately, mobile casino trends will not change in 2019. The number of slot games played on smartphones will be more than the slots played on the desktops and PC.