Different Baccarat Variations You Can Play & Rules to Play Them

The card game ‘Baccarat’ played at the casinos is a captivating and an interesting game. The game calls for a comparison of two hands i.e., the player hand and the banker’s hand. Each round of the baccarat game has any of the three results viz., the player’s score is higher than the banker, the banker score or the tie. Baccarat game comes with variations which are not known by several players across the world. This article will help you know all those Baccarat variations and explain them briefly.

different blackjack variations to play

Baccarat Variations of No Commission

Usually, casinos make sure to take a commission of 5% from the winnings of the banker bet which helps them maintain an edge over the players. As the name suggests, ‘no commission’, one of the baccarat variations are played without taking any commissions. For the players, in theory, this is advantageous over a long-term edge. Hence, many players prefer this baccarat variation over others. But of course, there always is a catch. In this case, casinos modify certain rules of the game to avail a share for themselves. Suppose you have a winning banker hand of 6 points, then you can only gain 50% of the bet you placed. This gives a probability of 5.39% which makes the house edge 1.46%.

EZ Baccarat Variations

This bet too is similar to the no commission version of baccarat since it does not take 5% commission and also certain rules are modified. If a banker bet secures three-card 7 and wins, it is considered to push and doesn’t have 1:1 payout. Instead, the chances of that happening are 2.25% only.

But in EZ version of baccarat, if it’s a no commission three-card 7 push then the banker’s hand is featured with 1.02% of the house edge. Due to the low house edge, this baccarat variation is recommended.

Baccarat Variation with 4% Commission

Another one of the baccarat variations is 4% commission which obviously takes 4% commission of the winnings of the banker bet. With a reduction of 1% from the usual 5%, the house edge of the banker’s hand gets reduced from 1.06% to 0.60%. Hence, with the 4% commission baccarat variation, your chances of winning can be doubled than usual games.

Baccarat Variations of 6-Deck

While most of the baccarat variation prefer eight decks of cards, this variation, as the name suggests, come with 6 decks. This version of the baccarat reduces the house edge of the banker’s hand from 1.06% to 1.056%.

Baccarat Variations with Higher-Paying Tie Bets

Most of the baccarat variation give out a winning payout of 8:1 on tie bets. But this variation of baccarat offers 9:1 payout and presents a house advantage from 14.36% to 14.84%. This house advantage might not seem an apt house edge but with 14.84% for a tie bet, this is definitely a large payout.

Baccarat Variations of Macau

In the mini-baccarat game, dealers are the ones to handle every aspect of the game. As per the Canada online casino rules, punters aren’t allowed to touch the cards. But in one of the baccarat variation known as Macau, players can choose their cards to play. Sometimes players get to even do their superstitious rituals for their good luck. While this is not really a big deal, some players feel happy with this service.

Side bets in Baccarat Variation

Some of the casinos go to the extent of giving certain side bets to the baccarat game like Big bet, Small bet, Dragon 7, Dragon bonus, Lucky bonus, Panda 8 and Royal match.