Shuffle Tracking in Blackjack

The classic game of Blackjack can be enjoyed at online casinos in various formats including live Blackjack today. Blackjack is an authentic table game where the dealer shuffles the card before distributing like in most card games and a lot can be tracked from this shuffling style. Known as the shuffle tracking in Blackjack, many Blackjack veterans use this method to enhance their winning potential. It can be effectively used in live Blackjack games in which cards are mostly dealt from six or eight decks.

shuffle tracking in blackjack

How does the Shuffle Tracking in Blackjack work?

While there are quite a few strategies that can be applied in Blackjack to enhance your game, every method is based on some theory. This strategy is premised on the assumption that it is possible to predict the location of the cards in a dealer’s shoe. There are quite a few card shuffling methods in Shuffle Tracking in Blackjack where the dealers shuffle the cards by hands, though the rules could vary across Canadian online casinos. Some shuffles are simple while others could be complex and based on the way it is done rests the effectiveness of shuffle tracking.  

Ideally, the process begins with card counting and players who have mastered this skill with experience may find it less challenging to track the shuffle accurately. A few things to consider when shuffle tracking are as follows:

  • Aces and Tens are good for players and with more of those in the shoe, your count becomes higher.
  • Low values cards such as 4, 5 and 6 are better for dealers as they allow them to draw out and hardly make for winning hands.

The role of card counting in the Shuffle Tracking in Blackjack system

At any given point in the course of play, card counting can give an approximate ratio between the low and high-value cards. For instance, in live casinos, you’ll see that the dealers are shuffling cards from a shoe of six or eight decks. Each time the cards are shuffled and placed into the shoe, the dealer inserts a yellow card near the shoe rear to distinguish it as the cut-off point from where the cards would be reshuffled in the next round. These cards which contain almost one-fourth card in the show are usually not used in the blackjack game. This process is typically undertaken to prevent card counters from arriving at a point where the count to become really accurate. Several players use this method in sync with card counting for an additional edge.

Disadvantages of the Shuffle Tracking in Blackjack

Despite being used extensively by a large number of Blackjack players across casinos, the shuffle tracking system has a few drawbacks. Firstly, this strategy comes in handy to experienced players than new players. Secondly, it requires a solid photogenic memory and counting techniques. Thirdly, the technique may not be applicable to a multitude of online Blackjack games as many formats do not use a shoe of shuffle visible to the players. Even many live casino games employ automated shufflers instead of real dealers shuffling the cards.

The possibility of profits from the Shuffle Tracking in Blackjack

On occasions when you will be able to adjust your bet size especially when a group of high cards are expected, shuffle tracking can be an advantage. In case you happen to misjudge its placement and land up raising your bets in a wrong time, you could lose more than flat betting. When done well, shuffle tracking can get more profits than the method of card counting through the process gets better with rigorous practice. However, this can cost players huge amounts of money though eventually benefit in the long term. While using the basic strategy, insurance is never a good deal but if you are in the midst of a group of face cards and the dealer shows an Ace, taking insurance could make for a profit.