Big Number Trick at Roulette

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games that continue to exist in several variants at online casinos. Many experts believe that this game is best played by adopting a number of strategies though it may require a lot of practice, experience and discipline.

roulette big number trick

What is the Big Number Trick?

The big number trick in Roulette involves betting on the number which repeats itself frequently. In case there are more than one numbers, you can bet a minimum amount on each repeater. However, the incidence of having repeaters is limited and at a time you may not have three repeating numbers.

How does the trick work?

When applying the big number trick you should be careful and stop betting on a number if it disappears from the scoreboard. As opposed to negative betting tricks, this one is a positive betting strategy that goes along with the scoreboard’s numbers instead of going against them. In fact, it is easier for players to keep a track of the numbers even if they are not on the scoreboard.

Some veterans suggest that if a specific number is repeated once while the other is repeated twice, it would be better not to bet more on the numbers that repeat more than once as larger bets could eat into your bankroll faster. Betting more money does not enhance your winning chance rather you will only be giving into the house edge.

Things to remember when using the big number trick

  • When playing the American Roulette game on a double-zero wheel you will only have one out of 38 chances of hitting your number.
  • On a European wheel, the chance of winning is one out of 37 chances.
  • Whichever betting method you choose, the probabilities of hitting the number remains the same.
  • Choose to make outside bets on one or more of the outside proposition if straight-up bets are to be avoided.
  • It’s best to avoid making 5 numbers bets at the top because the house edge tends to be around 7.89%.
  • In case number 10 is a repeater, you can choose to either bet on a black number that has 1:1 payout or make an even bet on 1:1 payout. Alternatively, you can place a low number bet with 1:1 payout or make inside bets which have 2:1 payout. These can be also used in combination.
  • With two big numbers of opposite colours, avoid betting on red or black
  • With two big numbers where one is higher than the other, do not bet that proposition
  • With two big numbers of different dozen lines, preferably bet one or the other.

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