Familiarise yourself with some of the important Poker etiquettes

Poker etiquette mainly associated with the behavioural pattern of players present at the Poker table. It involves an unwritten set of guidelines to follow that helps promote good sportsmanship, the speed of play, and a healthy atmosphere for the game. To create a pleasant game environment, it requires a keen eye and stringent attention to detail.

poker etiquettes you must know

Accustoming with all the gaming rules are duly necessary in almost every respected online slots around the world. The consideration of poker etiquette is very comprehensive and it involves a huge string of DOs and DON’Ts in the table.

Move the game swiftly

Once in a while, a decision may take significant thought. However, consistently taking time to make decisions frustrate other players. It is also reasonable to expect players to follow the game, know when it is their turn and what the action is. Poker is not the quickest game, to begin with and slowing it down further will reflect poorly on you as a player.

Behave gently

To keep a positive atmosphere at the poker table, always make a point to be polite and show respect towards others. Avoid collision with other players or any other form of cheating. It’s unfair in the table to verbally or physically threaten any employee. Using profanity or obscene language may totally disturb the rhythm of the game.

Players must protect their own hand

When handling your cards, every attempt must be made to conceal them. If you reveal your cards to another player, you have a duty to disclose your cards to the rest of the table. If a dealer mucks a player’s hand in error, the player will have no recourse as it is the player’s responsibility to protect their own hand. The dealer may enforce this.

Be as selfish as you can

The casino is not a place where you are suggested to take care of others. Everybody in the premise is there to win and win for themselves. Not that it is a place that defames morals but because it is structured in that way. Similarly, with Poker, you might find players with the wrong concept of hand rankings or making some other mistakes. At all conditions, the one thing you should always keep in your mind is stick to your game and not bother about what is happening elsewhere. Moreover, you can make use of such a situation by letting others make mistakes and you could take learning from it. Just like you would not want any interference from other players in your game, so should you also stick to your game only.

The removal of chips

An active player shall not increase or lessen their table stake during any round of play. A player not in a hand may add to their stake as per the table limits but shall not remove chips from the table except for the purchase of goods and services from a casino employee. Chips shall remain in full view at all times in neat stacks of each denomination with the largest denomination at the front.

Don’t play out of turn

This might be forgiven occasionally but repeated offences cause not only ill-feeling and exasperation but serious problems for the other players. Although certain seats at a poker table can be more difficult to follow things from and distractions abound in casinos particularly on TV tables. Ultimately, it is in your hands to make sure you know what’s going on and when it is your turn.

Skip multitasking at the table

You may be a multi-tasker in real life but you must understand that Poker is not an individual game like Blackjack. You play it with other people on the table. If you happen to watch TV while playing and making your move slow, this might irritate the other players and they might not entertain this. Also, focusing on the game increases your understanding of the situation you are. In both the cases, the profit is yours and hence multitasking must be avoided for a quick and smooth Poker game.

Avoid over celebration

No matter how high you go, one should remember the ground he left off. This might seem like a general statement of life but is very true also in Poker. Of course, a player should celebrate his win as it doesn’t come as a piece of cake. But the key here is to always keep in mind how bad you felt when some other player had won and you were on the losing side. Nobody likes to lose and every winner has the right to celebrate, so where is the balance? The balance is to celebrate in control and not hurting the emotions of other players on the table. Such generous behaviour might win hearts apart from the game and earn you respect on the table.

Bet with clarity

Sometimes, it can be ambiguous what your intentions are both in action and sizing when you place a certain amount of chips forward. If in doubt, always verbally declare what you need before you physically execute it particularly in games with non-professional dealers.

Treat the dealer with respect

They are generally professionals giving their best to make sure your game goes smoothly and dealing you 7-2 suit 5 times in a row is not really their fault. When the cards don’t go your way, it is important to remember that it is not the dealer’s mistake. Understand that dealers don’t have any control over what cards are dealt to each player. If you are at the table with a professional dealer, they deserve to be treated with respect. Not tipping because the game didn’t work in your favour is poor sportsmanship.


Hundreds of thousands of people play poker each for their own reasons and with their own intentions. So, don’t bring your trash to someone else’s table. Treat others the way you would want to be treated in terms of poker etiquette.