A Brief History of Casino Industry

History Of Casino gambling has long been associated with mankind. Long before when the modern slots games or even card games came into existence, people enjoyed gambling activities by dice alike stones and self-made cards. Before the modern casinos with lightning, music and fine dining, people used to gather around at a particular place to engage in gambling activities.

brief history of the casino history

What’s a Casino

A casino is a place licensed and regulated by the gaming commission where people enjoy the gambling-related activities. The term casino is of Italian origin, the root word is Casa which means a villa. Casino refers to a social hub or villa where gambling activities are practised.

The First Casino in the History Of Casino gambling

The casino games started with the popular game called the game of chances that was first played in European countries before entering into the Americas. The first casino (gambling house) was called Ridotto. It was set up in 1637 in Venice to provide a restricted upbeat environment for rich families to enjoy gambling activities. It was shut down in 1774 by the local government.

The Saloons in the history of Casino

After the opening of Ridotto, many European countries like Britain and France opened many casinos in the late 17th century. Outside of Europe, the different variants of games like Roulette, Blackjack, Rummy, Baccarat were played pretty much everywhere. Later in the 19th century, some gambling houses were opened in America. These casinos set up in San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans were known as the saloons.

The Early Days in the history of casino – The Classic Games

During the 17th, 18th, and 19th century, before the invention of the slot games, card games were the most widely played games.

  • Card and Dice Games
    The popular table games included Blackjack, Baccarat, Rummy, Craps. Blackjack was by far the most widely played game and had tons of different variants worldwide. In the 18th century, Poker started to capture the American market and by the mid of the 19th century, it became one of the most played casino table games in America with an ever-so-popular version, Texas Hold em’. Other dice games like Hazard and Crown & Anchor were played all over the world.
  • Spin the wheel of fortune
    The hits of the casino games were the spinning wheel games. Ever since their inception, the spin games were a hot favourite of the gamblers. Roulette was the most demanded wheel game and till date, it is one of the most popular games out there in the casinos worldwide.

The Advancement of Casinos in the history of casino

As technology developed over the years, many significant changes in the casinos and gambling games became imminent. More advanced games were offered and the overall conditions of the gambling houses were improved.

  • One Armed Bandit: These were the fruit machines of America that had one handle (lever) at the right side of the machine. These were popular for quick gameplay and little winning payouts.
  • Classic Slot Machines: The classic slot machines had a winning reel and usually three symbols. These machines were quite famous and were installed in the big casinos back in the early 20th century.

Modern Day Casinos as compared to the history of casino

At present, the complete dynamics of the casino industry has changed. Casinos are no longer restricted to provide just games. There are high-end casino resorts that have facilities of fine dining and accommodation. The inception of video slots and online casinos has increased the number of gamblers by a great deal.

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