Easy Guide to Play Blackjack

Just like every other casino game, especially card-comparing game, Blackjack is a game that depends the most on your sheer luck. But the need for more than just luck is what wins you rounds when you play Blackjack. The game is also known as 21 as it revolves more or less around the number 21.

easy guide to play blackjack

The game has existed for hundreds of years. It continues to attract a massive audience due to its easy yet interesting gameplay. The game is quite easy to grasp and even a first timer can play Blackjack well. The main objective of the game is to beat the dealer.

  • Objective: The game involves a dealer, a player and a deck of traditional 52 cards. The dealer deals the cards to himself and to the player. Based on the score of the cards, a player among the two is decided as per the following rules:
  1. If a player has a hand score greater than that of the dealer’s, the player wins.
  2. If the dealer scores more than 21, the player wins.
  3. If a player scores exact 21 and the dealer has any other outcome, the player wins.

How to play Blackjack?

21 is a game involving sheer luck and a little skill. There are a few strategies that one must be familiar with if he/she is to stand good winning chances. Other than these strategies, a player needs to understand not only how the game begins but also how it progresses. How to place bets on Blackjack can be confusing at times. Here is a step by step guide on how to play Blackjack, the most demanded casino game.

  • Buy chips: Most of the casinos do not allow you to play Blackjack for money. Therefore, you need to go to the counter to buy chips in exchange for money to play at a table. Money is to be placed on the felt of the table and the chips are to collect in the same manner.
  • Place a bet: At the start of every round, a player needs to place a wager. At every table, the minimum and maximum betting value are mentioned. To place a bet, a player needs to place chips in the betting circle worth the money he/she is willing to play on that hand.
  • Card dealing: The next step involves the dealer dealing the cards. The cards are dealt in a clockwise direction. In the first go, all the player receive on face-up card each whereas the dealer keeps a downward facing card. In the second go, all the players again receive one face-up card each and the dealers deal one face-up card for himself/herself.
  • Putting out your strategy: This is the most important step as it involves what move will a player play. There are three possibilities and they are:

Hit: When players “hit”, they ask the dealer to draw another card for them.

Stand: To “stand” is to hold the sum total of your cards and terminate your move.

Surrender: To surrender is to accept the defeat in that round and getting the half bet back.

Split: In case a pair of same cards are dealt, a player might place a second wager by splitting the pair of similar cards.

Double Down: This is done to double the initial bet by receiving one more card from the dealer.

  • Opponent’s Move: Next step sees the dealer playing the move. There are certain guidelines that every dealer needs to follow while making a move. Therefore, the knowledge of basic strategies is a must for the player to play Blackjack.
  • Payout: The last step involves the winning payout. It all depends on who among the player and the dealer wins the round. The winning payout value differs from online casino to online casino. Following the above steps will definitely ease your gameplay and provide you with immense fun and excitement. Happy gaming!