Doubling down in Blackjack- Application, rules, and strategies

Doubling down is an exciting move in Blackjack and it has gained wider fame over the years. It can also be profitable if everything goes in your way. It gives you the option of doubling your bet in the middle of a hand in exchange for one extra card. It’s risky because if you get dealt a low card, you can’t hit again and could face losing twice as many chips.

doubling down in blackjack

Frightened gamblers will always avoid the double bet and more adventurous players will make it too often to feel the essence of thrill. Knowing when to double down during a live casino game of Blackjack is crucial and it is all about maintaining the right balance between playing it safe and taking the risk.

Sticking to the rules when doubling down

The first rule of doubling down is in many ways similar to the first rule of blackjack. Since Blackjack is about playing the odds, the less value you get in your first card, the lesser is the chance of you going bust when you ask for the next. Therefore, you should only apply double down on a hand where the combined value of your first cards is 11 or fewer. This way, you are neglecting the situation where you press your bet with the chance of busting. Another thing to keep in mind is any card that keeps the total value less than 10, like the four 10s and 12 face cards is a good indicator of when should you go for a double down.

In any mobile casino games, you will be permitted to double down only if you have been dealt two cards that combine to equal 9, 10, or 11. The situation gets easier in this case. Always keep in mind that doubling down is one of your crucial chances to rake in the big money. So, try to capitalize as the whole gamble behind a double down is that you are relying on one more card to make your hand.

Strategies behind doubling down

When your cards accounts to 11 and the dealer has a low card, go for doubling down. This is because you have an incredible chance to hit 21 and even if you don’t, you are likely to get a score close to that magic number. The dealer, on the other hand, risks going over the total as they must keep drawing until 17. When you have a soft 16, 17 or 18 or in other words, you have a card plus an ace, go for doubling down. You should only double down if the dealer is showing a lower card. You might be tempted to stay as you are, especially with a soft 18, however, there is a great chance of improving your hand with a single card.

When you have a hard 9 or 10 where you will be having no ace, go for doubling down. Once again, only the dealer is showing a low card. Providing you get a reasonably high card, you will be in very good shape against the dealer. Please remember that you won’t always find things going your way when you double down. The tactic, when used properly will increase your winnings over a long period of time.

Using doubling down for winning

Playing straight Blackjack is just like eating Vanilla ice cream each day each summer. It takes away the thrill of this classic game along with the chance of winning big in the game. Making a significant win from the normal bets might take a huge amount of luck and time to show results. And many times the result could also be the exact opposite of how you would have been trying to keep it till now — safe. It is very important to understand the situations when you can go for a split or double down and make the move. Otherwise, you could come under pressure after some point of losses and then bet all you have to lose everything. A player must try to avoid reaching such a point of frustration as the effect of it is always adverse. Hence, take the risks when it is not as harmful and keep the fun of this classic card game alive till the very last moment you are in the game.

Double down in card counting

Card counting is one of the most reliable Blackjack techniques for all the wrong reasons. Many people believe that this is a form of deception, but in reality, it is just a smart way of figuring out what the Blackjack deck may be holding. The way that card counting works are quite easy to comprehend. Different cards in the deck are given a value, either a negative or a positive value to determine what the deck may be holding. Card counting can, therefore, be applied to determine when to double down and when to neglect the option. If the deck is negative, it tells you that doubling down could be an unfavorable option.

Can you double down after splitting and hitting?

Typically, you won’t be able to double down after splitting, however, you will find some online casinos that allow this to happen. If you can double down after splitting, employ the same decision-making process you would when evaluating any normal hands dealt to you. Most of the time, you will not be able to double down after hitting. The reason is it would fairly give the player too much of an edge over the casino. Once you have hit, you won’t actually be able to do anything other than hit again.


Blackjack is completely packed with thrill and action. The reason you play should be to have fun and make some money if possible. Doubling down will let you accomplish both and so that you should always wait for chances to capitalize on the situation.