Steps To Choosing The Right Blackjack Variation

With the never dying popularity of casino Blackjack game since ages, there are more than 100 Blackjack variations available for players. Most of these them can as well be played online with different bet ranges.

choosing the right blackjack variation

Given the immensity of Blackjack variations, it might be difficult for players to figure out exactly which Blackjack is perfect for them and what each variation has to offer. This and more will be detailed below.

Blackjack – A Divine Game Of Kings!

Blackjack is actually a rather simple game. Just about everyone knows something about the classic versions of the casino game. There are however other Blackjack variations that are infinitely more complex. Some of these might be very much playable by the vast majority of Blackjack players, while a few might find such Blackjack games to be rather hard going.

With that in view, are some of the more popular Blackjack games that deserve checking out online.

  • Super Fun 21 – The Super Fun 21 is a very popular Blackjack variation that has been in existence for a while. This Blackjack variant is distinguished from others and in this game, the bets are made first before the cards can be dealt. As to be expected, this makes the game extra suspenseful. Yet another major change in this Blackjack is that players are permitted to perform the usual Blackjack gameplay options on any card combinations. This means that players can “Hit”, “Stand”, “Surrender” and more on any card combo of their choice. This, of course, eliminates one of the chief limiting factors found in standard Blackjack variations. Should the player in Super Fun 21 get dealt a Blackjack, they are assured of always beating the dealer with their hand. This, of course, enhances the winning chances.
  • Double Attack Blackjack –  This is yet another Blackjack variation with many twists and turns. The main thing to note with this Blackjack version is that the picture cards are all eliminated from the card deck. This, of course, makes it harder for the player or the dealer to hit a straight Blackjack. Concurrent with the removal of the picture cards, the card pool is boosted by enhancing the number of shoes in use to 8. The next major change here is that players can double once they are dealt their initial couple of cards. They are also allowed to exercise the surrender option whenever they want.
  • Triple 7s Blackjack – This Blackjack variation seamlessly merges the mechanics of both classic Blackjack with classic slots. Here, players can place Side bets, while at the same time playing Blackjack. This pays out in accordance to how many sevens players are holding at any moment. Apart from the usual spot prizes, players of this Blackjack variant can access a progressive jackpot of impossible dimensions. Usually, this Blackjack makes use of five decks. Thus, in order to be eligible for the maximum side bet payout, players need to be holding no less than three sevens of an identical suit.
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack – This is in the main game based on classic Blackjack. There are, however, some important changes players should be aware of. In the first, the dealer is obliged to stand on a soft seventeen. This, of course, makes it more likely that the dealer will go bust, thereby making it easier for players to win. A varied number of card decks are used in this Blackjack variation, with the most common being four. There are also variants of the Vegas Strip Blackjack in which the dealer is required to hit on seventeen. This is of course to the benefit of players.
  • Chinese Blackjack – This sort of Blackjack variation is unsurprisingly the main staple in most Chinese casinos. It is also well-liked in the West. Here, players are required to have hands that are worth at least sixteen, with the dealer being permitted to check the hands held by players. The dealer might as well opt to “Hit” on players’ behalf, well before betting has started. Due to this, it is wise to be cautious when playing this Blackjack variant.
  • Blackjack Surrender – This has lots of similarities to classic Blackjack. The only difference worthy of note is that once each hand ends, the decks are shuffled together. This, of course, means that just about any card can show up on every dealt hand. The dealer here is required to stand on seventeen but can hit any hand that is of lesser value than that. Players in this Blackjack variation are also permitted to surrender any time they wish and get half their bet back.
  • Blackjack Switch – Here, players can simultaneously play two hands. Due to this, players can switch cards from one hand to the other with no one being the wiser. Identical bets are required per hand, and top card changes between the two hands that are allowed. Players of this Blackjack variation are permitted to split and double down on each hand. A six-card shoe is where hands are dealt out, with all of the above being rather advantageous to the player. To help make up for this, the dealer is permitted to automatically tie on twenty-two whenever players have hands of twenty-one or less. A Blackjack dealer always triumphs over a player jackpot, and Blackjack pays out 1:1.