What’s Card Sharks in Casino?

Casino enthusiasts new to Card Sharks can enjoy this exciting casino table game at the top gambling destinations hassle-free. An introduction to this simple game is good enough for players to start playing it instantly. The game drew attention after the television game show titled, ‘Card Sharks’ and gained immense popularity with players contesting to win big money on the screen. Card Sharks in a casino is playable at premium online casinos as well. 

what are card sharks in a casino

How Is Card Sharks Played?

It’s best to understand the rules of Card Sharks in a casino before approaching any casino games, especially if you are wagering your hard-earned money. Card Sharks is no exception and while some players might find it easy, newbies might take a while to get acquainted with the game. This card game is played with a standard 52 card deck between 4, 6 or 8 players. It is a chance-based game in which the basic scoring pattern is similar to that of Poker barring the fact that here Aces are considered as the highest in this game. 

Card Sharks casino process is easy-to-understand. First, the player places a bet depending on his table limits. Subsequently, he receives a card dealt by the dealer. This card is given face up and the player can either choose to keep the card or replace it with the corresponding card in the shoe. At this point, the player will have to guess whether the next card in the deck is of a higher or lower value than his current card in hand. Once the guess is made, the players are dealt with the card on which the guess was to be made. If the player’s guess comes out to be true, he wins otherwise he loses the game.

The other situations that play an important role in determining whether you win or lose are as follows:

  • If the new card that the player gets has the same rank as that in the player’s hand, he loses the game. 
  • If the card that the player selected is correct then this new card becomes his new hand and the old one is discarded and aside on the tray. The process is repeated a couple of times more and if the player successfully makes the correct guess at least thrice, he is said to have completed the first level of the game. If he doesn’t, he loses the game altogether and has to quit. 
  • The player who wins the first level moves onto the second level.
  • At the second level, the player is given the option to replace his existing card with the following cards in the shoe after which the same steps as in level one are repeated. If the player makes a wrong guess or gets a card of a matching rank in the second level, then he wins 1:1. Upon completing the second level, he wins 3:1. 

Side Bet Rules of Card Sharks in Casino

The Card Sharks in casino game does have an optional side bet “tie” also available to the players at this can be made by players only at the time when the primary wager is placed. It is upon the casino to decide on the limits of betting on the side bets. So you can expect some amount of flexibility depending on the casino. If the player loses the primary wager on a tie, then, he shall win the side bet. The winning amount depends upon the order of the decision made by the player and also on whether the tie is on an Ace or not. 

The higher and lower decisions in Card Sharks in Casino are counted as a point. A tie is possible when changing the cards also does not resolve the side bet. If a player loses the game for any reason other than a tie, he will also lose the tie side bet. 

Strategies of Increasing Odds At Card Sharks in Casino

Players can approach the game in a few ways to enhance their winning opportunities. The first is the higher or lower one where players can consider a card with values 2-7 as higher, and those from 9-Ace as lower with 8 as the ‘side in the majority’. It’s important to remember that 8 is the tricky number and with this one in hand, the player must take a look at the cards played on the table and those already played. He should then pick a lower value card from the shoe if the shoe is packed with higher value cards and select a higher value card if the deck is rich in lower-value cards. 

The second strategy is whether or not to switch a card. For instance, if the player gets values like 2, 3, 4, Q, K and A, it is recommended not to switch while for the remaining values 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, one can decide to switch a card. The more you play the game; the more you get the hang of the game which in turn helps you in making swifter decisions. 

A little photogenic memory can be an advantage to a Card Sharks player as it enables him to substantially overcome the house-advantage. Register for Card Sharks in online casino at the top gambling site today!